Darius Fisher Can Help Protect Your Online Profile

Today online reputation management is extraordinarily important for many top CEO’s and business management professionals. One could have conducted tens and thousands of positive business transactions and perhaps had only one or two dealings which didn’t go perfectly. What happens in these circumstances when after a whole career of satisfying results one person or company decides to attack your credibility? Who do you call in order to save your reputation online and to help protect your sound image that has been tarnished or could be tarnished by irresponsible online reviewing by dishonest people? The answer to these questions can be solved by Darius Fisher, cofounder and current president of Status Labs, an online reputation management and public relations firm located in Austin, Texas. Since launching his business four years ago, Fisher has grown his staff to 30 professionals and has also grown their client base to over 1500 clients in 35 different countries. Most recently Status Labs opened offices in both Sao Paulo Brazil and New York.

Prior to building this company, Darius Fisher worked as a political consultant and a copywriter. He also graduated with honors from Vanderbilt University. While working in politics he was able to learn first hand how important reputations can be especially in the digital age. He also understands that whether you’re a public official, a high profile business leader, or even an everyday worker, that you don’t want your personal information being exposed online either. Phone numbers, home addresses, and even in some cases the names of family members and children can be accessed through basic search enquiries online. Fisher has taken these things into account and says that his company makes it a priority for these things to stay anonymous. He also recommends staying on top of your social media accounts and keeping them private and stresses the importance of frequently changing your online passwords to maintain your security.

If you’re concerned about your online profile it’s highly recommended that you do a Google search of your name. Find out if there are any blemishes or personal items being exposed. If you do happen across something or you’re worried that in the future you may be compromised, contact the Darius Fisher and his team of professionals at Status Labs, and they will be sure to offer you the advice and services needed to keep your reputation safe and sound.

Another Mode Of Transmission Of The Zika Virus Confirmed


If you watch the news you have undoubtedly heard about the Zika virus. This is not a new, previously unknown threat to health. The virus was initially isolated in 1947 from a rhesus macaque monkey in the Ugandan Zika Forest. It is related to the West Nile virus, the yellow fever virus, and the dengue fever virus. Although there is no vaccine available, the symptoms of infection in adults range from nonexistent to a mild fever with a rash. Sergio Cortes says cases resolve in 2 to 3 days with bed rest and fluids. The main danger is when the virus affects the fetus of pregnant women. Severe brain damage may occur in the unborn child.

The Zika virus is transmitted by mosquito bites. Until recently, it was assumed that transmission did not occur by other means of close contact. However, a patient in Texas has spread the virus through sexual contact according to the Dallas County Health and Human Services Department. This is the first case of transmission inside the USA. The patient contracted the disease from a person who had recently traveled to Venezuela. Blood transfusions are another way the virus may be transmitted.

The World Health Organization (WHO) and other agencies are alarmed at how fast the virus is spreading. For example, over 4,000 cases of microcephaly have been reported since October 2015 in Brazil alone. Microcephaly is the term applied to an infant whose head is much smaller than average. This neurological condition may cause poor brain function, seizures, convulsions, spastic quadriplegia, and reduced life expectancy.

The Drive & Determination of Jon Urbana!

Jon Urbana is a man who wears many hats in his personal endeavors and goals and in today’s busy world of business, as well.

Urbana was born and raised in the beautiful state of Colorado. He attended Villanova where he was able to participate in their lacrosse program and enjoyed being on a winning team. Urbana majored in Economics in college and has put his knowledge and education into building several successful businesses. He has made personal choices that have enabled him to pursue many different types of activities that have given him opportunities to become a pilot, a photographer…just to name a few.

Urbana has established different companies in and around the Denver area and is the Head of Business Development for Ellipse USA, a company that excels in providing lazer systems in the medical industry.

Jon Urbana Photography from Jon Urbana on Vimeo.

Urbana’s interest in sports has led to him co-founding the Next Level LaCrosse Camp in Denver. Jon Urbana and other coaches help young lacrosse players learn the fundamentals of the game. Working with these young athletes, Urbana strives to interest them in their environment and helps them become activists on improving their own local communities and protecting their environment in which they live. Urbana feels the children of today are the hope for tomorrow for our universe.

A new endeavor in photography has Urbana taking pictures of all different types of foods with beautiful colors and strong, unique designs. He has also taken wonderful pictures while he has been flying, (which is another one of Urbana’s special interests).

Jon took flying lessons and has become such a great pilot that he and several other pilots were honored by the Federal Aviation Administration for exceeding in higher education.

Jon Urbana is a philanthropist and gives his time and money to several charities of his choice. He has recently started a new fundraiser called, Earth Force, for our environment. The fundraiser was started to involve the youth of today and getting them educated on the natural beauty of our Earth.

Urbana’s enthusiasm, strong work ethic, drive, and skills have empowered him to achieve many lifelong dreams.

Sergio Cortes Gives Goes the Extra Mile

There are a lot of Michael Jackson impersonators in the industry. People that want some simple dance moves can go to a big city like Las Vegas or Los Angeles and see tons of different MJ impersonators in place. The difference between Sergio Cortes and a lot of the other Michael Jackson impersonators is the amount of time and effort that is put into a show. Most MJ impersonators have full-time jobs doing something else. They may be able to go through a couple of songs with dance moves but it won’t be anything elaborate. When people get to see Sergio they are seeing something out of the ordinary. He is an entertainer in his own right that manages to pull out all the stops and give MJ fans a real thrill.

Many words can be used to describe the essence of a Sergio Cortes performance. His shows are fantastic and precise. According to R7, Sergio has perfected the shows because he has been doing this impersonation for years. He is someone that has become a true entertainer, and the average MJ fan is going to love him. There is an energy about him that just makes people gravitate towards him. I believe that there is a lot of passion for singing and dancing to MJ tunes. That is why people have become fans of this dazzling impersonator. It is a special bond between him and a lot of MJ fans. People that have had the chance to see him are really amazed by what he represents. There are many people that are impressed because he comes through with the hits and some lesser known MJ songs. Most impersonators would not do things like “Ghost,” but fans have seen Sergio Cortes performing this MJ song.

That is what has made Sergio one of the better MJ impersonators. He digs deep. It doesn’t just stay up on the surface with some hits that everyone knows. Cortes takes the chances that other impersonators are afraid to take. Everyone isn’t going to go out on a limb and practice moves for the songs that were not big hits, but this adds some spice to the tribute shows. People know that he has done his research. They know that they are getting an impersonator that is well-rehearsed. This is an impersonator that knows the MJ catalog of hits – and misses – very well.

You can follow them on Twitter and Facebook.
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Why Goerge Soros Thinks That The Global Financial World Is Headed To A Crisis

World known hedge-fund billionaire George Soros is seeing the current trend in the global markets being very similar to the 2008 period when the world experienced a global financial crisis. Speaking a few days ago at the Global Economic Forum at Sri Lanka, he said that China is in a struggle to identify a brand new growth model and also that its currency is under a devaluation threat, therefore, transferring a lot of the threat to the rest of the world. He also hinted that developing nations have had a very hard time adjusting to the predicament which will pose very many difficulties when they try to return to their previous positive interest rates.

The commodity, growth as well as currency markets were under fire during the first week of the year with the sinking Yuan being a concern about the strength of the Chinese economy. According to Bloomberg, the situation is crucial especially now that the country is diversifying into other areas and not just manufacturing and investing. During the initial trading week of the year, more than $2.5 trillion worth of assets was wiped with the majority of the losses happening in China.

When a major global financial heavyweight like China gets in a crisis, then it means that the whole world will feel the effect. In 2011, he had warned of a similar situation in Washington. At that time, the European-Greece debt crunch was at its climax, and he had said that it would amount to a more serious crisis than that of 2008.

Soros’ hedge fund firm managed to make gains of not less than 20% on average per year between 1969 to 2011. He has a net worth of a staggering $27.3 billion and is one of the world’s most successful and respected hedge fund managers.

He made a debut in his trading career in the late 1950’s after successfully fleeing the Nazi Uprising and sneaking to England where he got a chance to study at university. He later on, moved to the United States where he started his trading career.

He never shies away from expressing himself and especially where the global financial, stocks and commodities markets are involved. Even though many take his political opinions to be overtaken by time, when it comes to the other side, they have to give him serious attention because regardless of the political, religion or ethnic affiliation, he is always right and it is a matter that affects across all divides.

At around 1979, he decided that he had become successful enough and took it upon himself to help the community through philanthropy. He started off by educating black students in apartheid South Africa and, later on, started the Open Society Foundation that is strongly involved in promoting human rights as well as open societies across the globe.

White Shark Media Takes Customer Concerns Seriously

Google Adwords allow small businesses to invest a small sum of money and reap great advertising and promotional rewards. White Shark Media provides comprehensive Google (and Bing) Adwords management. This is not all the company can do.

White Shark Media may be known for PPC expertise, but there are other services the company affords to clients including logo and website design. Internet marketing is all about visuals. A poorly designed website is going to undermine all PPC and internet marketing strategies.

The company has had to deal with a few customer complaints. This is usually the case when a new business opens up in a competitive industry. Those in charge of White Shark Media have taken these complaints very seriously. On the company’s blog, details have been published regarding what the company is going to do to fix things.

Customers want better communications systems put in place. Clients want to be able to stay on top of their Adwords campaign’s analytics and results. White Shark Media has instituted a few policies and changes to ensure clients never see questions go unanswered. The integration of direct phone lines to SEM specialists helps with the communications cause. Direct lines with direct extensions eliminate dealing with a general number operator. Things move a lot more swiftly when calling someone’s direct extension.

Every month, the GotToMeeting streaming service is utilized to set up monthly remote meetings between clients and representatives. During the meeting, clients are informed of all new updates regarding their campaign.

The SEM specialists now work in groups under the direct oversight of a supervisor. This ensures the client has someone to speak to when a concern arises.

It is also worth pointing out here that White Shark Media will not dissolve working components of previous Adwords campaigns devised by another company. The new campaigns do not totally start from scratch. An analysis of the past campaign is done and those aspects that are working end up being kept in place. Consider this another positive change the company has made after weighing client feedback.

Overall, White Shark Media is making a few good moves to improve customer service and client relationships. The company’s stature in the industry is sure to grow once these new reforms are fully in place.

What Is Online Reputation Management From Status Labs?

My purpose in writing this post today is to introduce anyone who is new to reputation management to one of the greatest and fastest growing companies in the industry. This company has grown so quickly that News On 6 has published an article about their rise. According to this source, Status Labs has grown 939 percent in their profit margin from the years 2012 to 2015. In just one year, from 2014 to 2015, the company grew 39 percent. This is an incredible mark of excellence that should be enough of an indication to follow this company as an investor or to use the company’s valuable service.

Of course, the President of Status Labs humbly contributes their rise and quick success in reputation management to their hardworking team members who are determined and dedicated to their cause. Darius Fisher is the President, and as their humble leader, Fisher represents that the company will handle “any digital communications problem brought [to them].” That is a bold statement, but the numbers do not lie. Is it possible that this company knows the secret to online reputation management that could help others grow in the same successful way? Read on to learn more about Status Labs.

Status Labs Is A New Approach To Growing Your Business

The concept is new to some people, but the idea of preserving one’s reputation has been around since language was developed. Only now we are in a technological day and age where we must focus heavily on what search engines turn up when we are meeting new clients. The same is true during the entire relationship with clients because we never know when someone will start doing research on us, our companies, our assets and our relationships.

Status Labs has quite a thorough approach to online image management. The company actually creates an impressive array of content that meets their clients business needs, and they also delete the inappropriate messages and links that may effect their client’s reputation.

George Soros Explains The Problems Facing The European Union

The European Union has been held up as one of the shining lights of political experiments since it was established in the latter half of the 20th century. However, the financial expert George Soros has recently been explaining his view that the European Union is facing the most difficult times of its life, accoridng to CNBC. The migrant crisis caused by the conflict in Syria has pushed the growing issues facing the European Union to the fore, which Soros believes will see the EU be forced to decide on whether it will survive or not.

George Soros has often been critical of German Chancellor Merkel in the past, but now feels the politician has grown to become the leader of the European Union. George Soros explains in an interview conducted for his Website that Merkel responded to the migrant crisis of 2015 in the only way possible to allow Germany to remain the political leader of the Union. However, the major influx of migrants is the major problem facing the European Union in both an economic and political sense.

The economic problems caused by the migrant crisis has seen the European Union become split over how best to handle the cost of refugees arriving in various parts of Europe. Problems with finance have lingered over the single currency of Europe since the collapse of the Greek economy, which has seen countries like the U.K. question their membership over recent years.

George Soros is in a strong position to explain the problems of the European Union as he was born in Hungary in 1930 and survived the Holocaust of Nazi Germany as a young person. After graduating from the London Shcool of Economics Soros became a successful financial expert and philanthropist. The threat from Russia to overpower eastern members of the European Union remains real and the continuing power of Poland to remain economically independent is all that stands between the European Union and the Russian threat. George Soros believes the end of open borders for European Union members has already begun because of the Syrian migrant crisis, which will remove one of the major reasons for countries becoming members of the community. Soros believes a British exit from the European Union following the upcoming referendum could spark the collapse of the entire single community of the European continent.

Businessman of the DeVos Family Gives Billions To Charities

The DeVos family is one of the most generous donors in American history. According to a report compiled by Forbes Magazine the DeVos family has donated about $1.2 billion dollars to various charities, non-profits, think thanks, educational institutions and faith based organizations. The DeVos family can be divided into 5 separate organizations that often work in tandem together to promote a cause, fund a project or organize an event. Each family foundation focuses on a certain area that is close to their hearts.

The Doug and Marie DeVos Foundation for example is focused on supporting schools in Grand Rapids, Michigan. They have given over $2.6 million to the public school system in Grand Rapids, despite none of the DeVos family’s children attending the public schools in the city. I certainly think such actions by the DeVos’ are commendable and set an example for other donors. It is important to support your local community. even if you are not directly impacted or take part in it. Overall quality of life will improve for everybody when the local school are better. All the DeVos family foundations chipped in to support a sculpture park and garden in Grand Rapids. The family has also been influential in convincing others to donate money to notable causes in West Michigan and beyond. 

As a member of the DeVos Family, Dick DeVos and his wife have their very own philantrophic organization called the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation. They supported long time friend and former Kennedy Center president Michael Kaiser when he started his own budding non-profit arts organization. Kaiser with the generous support of Dick and Betsy DeVos’ foundation managed to establish an arts organization that taught art directors state of the art management techniques to use in museums and during exhibitions. Dick and Betsy DeVos donated a total of $22.5 million dollars to the non-profit which has become DeVos Institute for the Arts Management and is based in the University of Maryland.

Dick DeVos also recently made a grant of about $1 million dollars to the Kennedy Center. This performing arts building is undergoing an extensive renovation to accommodate a planned expansion. Once completed the Kennedy Center should have additional space for educational classrooms, extra training rooms and more stages for performances. 

I think Dick has proven that he is passionate about supporting the arts and culture through his numerous donations and involvement in non-profit art and performing arts organizations. His actions show that he is generous and wants to improve the community and life of those around him. The son of Amway Founder Richard DeVos has inherited his fathers business and spirit of generosity, and that I believe is a very good thing. 

I am incredibly grateful to my parents for initiating and encouraging by example the tradition of philanthropy within our family. We are happy to be a part of this great community!

Posted by Dick DeVos on Monday, January 4, 2016

Wikipedia Writing Service Get Your Wiki Takes Out All The Guesswork

Wikipedia writing services take out the guess work when it comes to writing good content. By employing Wikipedia writers for hire, you and your business can have a great looking page that will draw the attention of many online users. Creating a Wikipedia page for your business can be an effective resource for partners, colleagues or anyone seeking knowledge about your business.

As any new business owner knows, getting a new business going can be challenging and all-consuming. In addition, creating a user-friendly webpage that highlights your company can seem insurmountable. However, Wikipedia writing services can turn all of that around and give you results that will both please and give credence to your hard work.

If you choose to hire Wikipedia writers to prepare your page, you can literally throw out the guesswork of how to create a great looking page. Those who write for Wikipedia are experts on how Wikipedia works and understand the rules and engagement of creating a Wiki page, and the service Get Your Wiki is committed to producing high quality pages for their clients. By hiring a professional and experienced Wikipedia writer, mistakes are a thing of the past and your Wiki page will be published without any problems.

Wikipedia writing services can produce great results for your business. Find out more about why you should hire a professional Wiki writer by checking out this link from Get Your Wiki’s blog: http://www.getyourwiki.com/wikipedia-writing-service-make-wiki-page/ Most importantly, it is easy to find out how the Wikipedia system can promote your business. Within 24 hours you can hire a Wikipedia writer and obtain a free quote from Get Your Wiki. Find out how this unique and effective writing service can help you!

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