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With the growth of online-based job opportunities, people are starting to rely on stay-at-home income more than ever. Focusing on a particular demographic made out of mothers who work from home, one can see dozens of creative ways that these women are able to make a living. This is because companies are coming up with ways to employ those who have the extra time, but not “9-5” type of free time. Traveling Vineyard probably has the most dominant business model within the work-from-home industry.

Business Model Broken Down

The company is a wine business where high-quality wine products are sold in the market by stay-at-home employees, mostly moms. It is a commission-based income, meaning that the revenue one obtains is solely dependant on their sales for the period. People can expect anywhere from 15-35% in commissions, which are contingent on the sales volume. The official name for these independent contractors is Wine Guides, and they average over $400 per wine tasting event. The company was founded in 2001, and they have more than 5,000 spread across 40 states as of 2017.

Who Can Benefit?

Generally, anyone who has the time and networking skills can benefit from this business model. It is based on interacting with people and organizing wine-tasting events. Mothers are the usual contractors, due to being less time constricted and more involved with the community.

How To Begin?

In order to begin the sole proprietorship endeavor, the prospective contractor will pay a $189 fee. This will get them a complete “Success Kit” with two tasting sets and a total of ten tasting wine bottles. Generally, that should cover two tasting events. Also, one will get their own website that will be free-of-charge for the next three months, at which point it is $15.95 per month. Furthermore, the same fee will give the buyer access to all training and educational materials online. Thus, one does not need to be wine expert to succeed.

Getting a Return On One’s Investment

After reviewing all the materials that the company has sent, new wine guides will organize at-home wine tasting events where they can invite whoever they want. Here, people will purchase the wine thus generating entrepreneur moms commission profits. There are no minimum monthly sales contingencies that one has to meet.

The Company

Traveling Vineyard is based in Massachusets and current leader of the company is Richard Libby. Since he started working with the business in 2010, major growth has occurred helping the company thrive in this niche market. To facilitate employee satisfaction, the company often organizes social events and conferences. Here, people can benefit from continued education and lectures on selling strategies.

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Todd Lubar’s Amazing Passion for Helping Other People

Todd Lubar has been in the Real Estate industry for quite some years now from 1995. Todd holds the President position of TDL Global Ventures, LLC as well as the Senior Vice President Post of Legendary Investments. His more than 20 years’ experience has improved Todd’s skills, and currently, he advises other people who dream of owning a home. Todd is also a skilled entrepreneur and businessman. He has been recognized and ranked in the list of the top 25 mortgage architects in the country. Todd has been on the list for several years now. Lubar finds joy when he can help other people become successful in achieving their dreams. Todd’s education is another added advantage in the company. He holds a B.A in speech and communication which he got from Syracuse University.

In a recent interview, Todd explained that the idea for starting the TDL Global Ventures was to help people mainly. He realized that most people face obstacles when they are in need of financial aid especially when borrowing loans. To solve the problem, Todd brought an innovative program that allowed customers gain what they want. Todd also gave an insight to how he starts his day in the morning with a cup of coffee together with his kids. To make his day more productive, prioritizing is the best way to maximize the results. Todd also values knowledge because he can make appropriate decisions. Todd Lubar had an interesting thing to say when asked about his worst job and that was the fact that he worked for almost one year at a grocery store.

The acquired work ethics was incredible, but the whole business was not his thing. The experience he gained helps him push ideas to become successful. Todd believes in working extra hard to become progressive as an entrepreneur. Mr. Lubar has worked for other firms such as Crestar Mortgage Corporation where he held high positions. He also steered Maryland Legacy Financial office to rise and become a production unit. Todd served as a Senior Vice President with the Charter Funding, whose primary goal was to help the less fortunate in the society. Check out Todd’s full profile on

Dr Mark McKenna Has Given Back To The Community Of New Orleans And Become Successful In Real Estate

Dr. Mark McKenna has been licensed by both the Florida and Georgia State Board of Medical Examiners in surgery and medicine. He was born in New Orleans, Louisiana and graduated from the Tulane University Medical School. Once his training had been successfully completed he began practicing medicine with his father and launched a firm for real estate development called McKenna Venture Investments. As time passed he launched numerous companies offering a variety of services including real estate closing services, finance, and turnkey design-build.

After New Orleans was destroyed by Katrina in 2005, Dr. Mark McKenna lost a large portion of his business interests. He redeveloped low to moderate income housing to help rebuild the city. He moved to Atlanta, Georgia in 2007 and began a business called ShapeMed which was a medical based practice. Life Time Fitness purchased the business in 2014 and he remained with the company until 2016. This was when he founded OVME and specialized in the reinvention of elective healthcare.

Dr. Mark McKenna and his wife Gianine McKenna have a little daughter named Milana Elle and a Pomeranian named Ryder four years of age. Dr. Mark McKenna is one of the members of the Entrepreneurs Organization and in the past served both the New Orleans Industrial Development Board and the New Orleans Jazz Festival as a member of the board.

Dr. Mark McKenna is passionate as a patient advocate and has dedicated his time to serve his community. He has created numerous companies including Uptown Title, Inc. and Universal Mortgage Lending. The growth of his portfolio now encompasses fifty employees in addition to numerous services. After the devastation experienced by New Orleans after hurricane Katrina he placed his efforts into providing housing for the people.

After the sale of ShapeMed Dr. Mark McKenna served Lifetime Fitness Inc. as their National Medical Director until July of 2016. His latest company is called OVME and was launched in July of 2017. He is the CEO of the business which is classified as a medical aesthetic company. OVME is enabled by technology and reinvents the healthcare elective for consumers.


Nick Vertucci: Inspires Real Estate Traineers to Achieve Greatness

Nick is a real estate specialist who got financial freedom from a lucrative real estate business. With this knowledge, he decided to liberate others through the Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy financially.


The Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy was started by Nick to bridge the education gap in learning the real estate business. As a result of this, the Fortunes in the Flipping system created by the founder of the school is now available to everyone who seeks to reach their financial goals through the methods and plans that helped him in attaining success.


The academy aims to address the challenges that crop up when planning to start a career in real estate. They have a competent and reliable corporate team that ensures the success of the institution. In addition to this, the institution has an active trainer team that ensures trainees are tutored to international standards in order to meet the basics of earning a living in the housing business.


The administration and customer care support team ensure that the management and customer support of the institution are efficient. When you attend the academy, you get personal, practical training in real estate from industry leaders. That includes searching for the deal, how to repair the housing project to how you will sell the finished project.


Some of the areas that NVREA covers include asset protection, the art of purchasing and withholding for selling later to maximize your profits, how to handle contracts, fund investments, commercial investments, how to rehabilitate and flip properties, among many others.


His childhood was spent with a loving and hardworking family. By the time he was turning 18, he was already living his own life from his van. However, his luck eventually changed when he landed computer parts selling the business. It is at this time that he started his family and got three daughters.


Nick Vertucci life went on well until he reached a financial snag again. This time it lasted for almost 18 months, and he lost almost everything he had. Then one of his friends invited him to a seminar in training for real estate that lasted for three days.


Although he was reluctant to attend it at first, he went and got to soak in a lot of information which enabled him to get out his financial rut. That system worked even though Nick Vertucci fell a couple of times but made it.

Dr. Mark McKenna investments in the medical services sector

Dr. Mark McKenna is a medical professional in the United States. He is known for his work mostly as an entrepreneur in the medical services department. He is a holder of a degree in medicine and surgery from the medical school of the University of Tulane. Dr. McKenna was born in the state of New Orleans. After his medical studies, he started working as a medical professional in his father’s medical firm. Although his career entailed dealing with patients suffering from various medical conditions, McKenna had a passion for business. He wanted to be an entrepreneur. It is for this reason that, while for his father, he established a real estate venture firm.

McKenna Venture firm was a real estate company that he established to take care of real estate developments around his home state of New Orleans. He was able to raise the standards of this company, making it one of the biggest real estate developments firms in the state. He was able to grow the workforce of the firm to about 50 employees while at the same time increasing the number of services offered, he was also able to acquire some of the firms in the industry at the time. One firm that he purchased was the Universal Mortgage Lending and Uptown Title, Inc. his firm was not only engaging in real estate developments but also real estate financing. Following the hurricane Katrina of 2005, most of his investments in the real estate were damaged. This meant that he had to go back and build his company fresh. In the aftermath of the storm, he was one of the people who played a major role in rebuilding what was destroyed. He came up with a project of building affordable houses for the people affected and to learn more

Apart from the real estate business, Dr. McKenna has invested in the medical services sector in a big way. He shifted from the state of New Orleans to Atlanta. It is in Atlanta where his medical career kicked off. H established ShapeMed. This was a wellness firm for handling aesthetics cases. Later he sold the firm to Life Time Fitness Inc. however, Dr. McKenna was retained as the national medical director for the firm. In 2017, Dr, Mckenna established another medical firm known as OVME. This is a medical firm which is focused on implementing elective healthcare services.


Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg Spearhead TechStyle Fashion Group into a Leading E-commerce Fashion Retail company

TechStyle Fashion Group prides itself on being a successful online subscription retailer in the fashion segment. The company deals with a variety of items ranging from jewelry, shoes, denim to handbags. TechStyle has a reputation for providing a personalized shopping experience, which relies majorly on the members’ suggested fashion tastes and preferences. Additionally, it operates as a parent company to a portfolio of other online subscription brands including Fabletics, FL2, ShoeDazzle, JustFab, and FabKids.




The background story behind the inception of TechStyle Fashion Group mostly revolves around the company’s co-founders, Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler. Adam ventured into the business world at an early age by founding his first company, Gamers Alliance. The potential and success of the company led to its acquisition in 1999 by Intermix Media. In turn, Adam became Intermix’s VP of strategic planning before being promoted to company’s COO.


For Don Ressler, his involvement with intermix started after the company acquired his website,, in 2011. While working at Intermix, both Ressler and Goldenberg became friends. Their friendship stood firm even after the News Corporation bought Intermix Media. This acquisition saw both friends leave the company to establish their own venture, which later turned out to be Intelligent Beauty. Through Intelligent Beauty, Ressler and Goldenberg created several successful businesses /brands.


JustFab’s Financing


The birth of JustFab, an online subscription clothing brand, propelled paved the way for other TechStyle brands. In 2011, Matrix Partners, a venture capitalist company, funded the membership-based company with $33 million. Later in 2012, JustFab received an extra $76 million in funding from several companies such as Intelligent Beauty, Rho Ventures, Matrix Partners and Technology Crossover Ventures.


To boost its expansion internationally, Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg led JustFab into its third round of financing, which resulted in $40 million. The company also conducted another round of funding whereby it received a whopping $85 million. This extra round not only pushed JustFab’s capitalization to $250 million but also its value to $1 Billion. As a result, JustFab joined the ranks of unicorn companies.


In 2016, JustFab rebranded itself by taking up a new name, TechStyle Fashion Group. The renaming of the company was driven by the desire to emphasize the company’s foundation in technology. Shawn Gold, the corporate marketing officer, was the first to give a hint about the new name.


TechStyle’s brands, especially Fabletics mostly relies on data-driven marketing. In fact, it has been gathering data from about 1.2 million members. The data has played a huge role in giving the brand a competitive edge over its competitors.

How Nick Vertucci Created NV Real Estate Academy And What It Offers

How Nick Vertucci Got Involved In Real Estate


One of the core values that guides Mr. Vertucci is that he believes what has occurred in the past should not determine your future. Nick would describe his childhood as being pleasant and enjoyable. He did lose his father at age 10. As a result his mother would work for most of the day and night to support him and his siblings.


Nick’s late teens and early twenties were a low period in his life. He recalls that he slept in a van during that period. Nick did manage to turn around his life however, when he started a computer parts business. Things boded well for Nick Vertucci and he even got married and bought a home.


The dot com crash brought Nick’s business down and left him drowning in debt. Most of his assets were gone except for his home which he managed to keep. Nick Vertucci would rebound from this second low period and come up with another business.


During his second low period of extreme debt, a friend of Nick’s invited him to a real estate seminar he was attending. Mr. Vertucci was skeptical at first but decided to give it a shot. He recalls that while he did not really grasp everything that was said at the seminar, it did interest him.


That interest led to something clicking in Nick Vertucci’s mind and he would study real estate fervently for almost a decade. That seminar transformed his life and Nick Vertucci now calls himself a millionaire. He earned the title by flipping homes and investing in real estate over the course of many years. His life is now back on track and Vertucci now wants to share his recipe for success with others so that they too can become rich and financially well off.


The NV Real Estate Academy is how Nick shares his insight into real estate investing and home flipping with others. It is based on decades of personal experience of Nick personally investing his own hard earned money and time into real estate property in order to make a living for himself. The academy hosts numerous seminars throughout the United States and Canada about how to flip homes and properly invest in real estate.


Things to expect from the seminars include how to revamp a property and then flip it, how to hold a property for long term cash flow, and flipping contracts. Commercial properties, asset protection and using 401K and IRA accounts to invest in real estate is also discussed at Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy events.

A Review Of Tony Petrello’s Impressive Career

Tony Petrello is one of the most successful corporate leaders globally. At one time, he ranked as one of the highest paid CEOs in the United States. In 2013, he topped the list by taking home over $62 million. Tony’s success is attributed to Petrello’s natural talent, creative thinking, and hard work. These qualities have enabled him to rise to the top leadership of Nabors Industries and establish himself as one of the most hardworking CEOs globally. A part from being a successful executive leader, Tony is a philanthropist. Over the years, he has generously contributed towards the medical needs of children diagnosed with neurological disorders.

Tony was born and raised in Newark, New Jersey. As a student, he was famous for his math abilities. He amazed many people with his skills. This natural ability caught the attention of Yale University, who awarded the young mathematicians with a scholarship. At Yale, Serge Lang, a renowned author, professor, and mathematicians mentored him. Apart from earning his undergraduate and graduate degree in mathematics at the prestigious institution, Tony was known for his strong sense of humor and outgoing personalities. While at the institution, he met Cynthia, the lovely lady who he later married. Cynthia became a dance, actor, and a producer of soap opera.

Despite his success in mathematics, Petrello enrolled for a law degree at the Harvard Law School. After graduating from the institution, Tony joined Baker and McKenzie as a lawyer. At the firm, Tony Petrello focused on business law, and handling arbitration and taxation issues for the firm’s clients. This decision was to change his life forever. As a business lawyer, he interacted with many corporations. Most companies developed interest in his skills. This way, Tony received numerous offers to join different institutions. The offer that attracted the executive’s attention came from Nabors Industries. Nabors is the world’s largest offshore oil drilling company and gas drilling company.

Before moving to Texas, Tony had lived in New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, and Massachusetts. To date, Texas has remained his home. When he joined Nabors Industries in 1991, the visionary leader served as the company’s chief operating officer. His excellent performance saw him join the company’s board of directors. A year later, the executive was appointed to serve as the company’s president. Tony was involved in enhancing the strategic business plans for Nabors Industries. In 1993, he facilitated the acquisition of Grace Drilling for a consideration of $32 million. After serving on the company’s board for 20 years, the executive was promoted to work as Nabors’ chief executive officer. A year later, Petrello was appointed to serve as the chairman of the company’s board.

The philanthropist has raised millions of dollars to fund different charity causes, including providing medical services to children having neurological disorders. Texas Children’s Hospital is one of the key beneficiaries of Tony’s generosity.

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Three Things Preston Smith Caught On To In His First Decade-Plus of Rocketship Education.

Preston Smith is the founder of Rocketship Education, an American network of eighteen public charter schools in impoverished areas. Rocketship was founded in 2006 in Redwood City, California, located on the border of the Golden State’s Bay Area, a region known for innumerable startups whose competitive advantage is innovation, manifesting itself in every way imaginable – and then some. In its first eleven academic years of functioning, Mr. Smith noticed innumerable things – not to mention countless others – that stood out among others. Let’s delve deeper into three important tidbits of info he picked up.

  1. “Public” schools are powerful schools

It’s true that most public schools aren’t of high caliber, due to low funding and not being able to hire top-notch teachers. However, it’s important for students, parents, and everybody else involved with Rocketship Education and every other public school to be proud of the “public” name.

  1. Teachers must be plastic

Not like Barbie Dolls, silly! Rocketship strives to hire teachers that accept criticism well and don’t take feedback to heart. To meet this goal, Rocketship pays its teachers significantly more than other schools. Further, in interviews, candidates are informed about this requirement, and not considered for hire if they’re not 100% OK with it.

  1. Parents screen candidates, not exclusively administrators

Parents know what their children look for in instructors. As such, Rocketship trains several parents every year to interview incoming candidates. Plus, these interviews are very rigorous, and some candidates have even walked out mid-interview because they felt they couldn’t stand up to Rocketship’s extremely difficult requirements.

Rocketship Education was founded by longtime chief executive officer Preston Smith and former employee John Danner, the latter having branched off to form his own educational institution several years ago. There are eighteen schools across America, of which twelve are located in Smith’s state of residence and Rocketship’s place of birth, the Golden State; three in the District of Columbia; one in Milwaukee; and two in the Southeast’s Music City. The public charter school system is able to accept investments from individuals not related to the government or boards of education, allowing it to operate freely of local boards of education, boosting it’s effectiveness – this layout is to credit for Rocketship’s top-notch standardized test scores, year, after year, after year.


End Citizens United Will Play A Major Role In 2018 Elections

The President of End Citizens United is Tiffany Muller. She has already worked as the deputy political director with the campaigning arm of the Senate Democrats. Hence she is well experienced and qualified for this position. She has disclosed to the media that End Citizens United is going to play a major role in the 2018 midterm elections. They are still looking at various races in order to examine which ones they would be supporting in 2018. A few of these have been finalized already. These include the one in Ohio that will be defended by Democratic Sens. Sherrod Brown. Another is the one in Montana which will be defended by Democrat Jon Tester next year.

The name of this group is based on the decision of the Supreme Court in 2010. This was known as the Citizens United decision. It allowed union as well as corporate donations. These are used during the candidate elections. This has also led to the launch of super PACs. These are now allowed to raise as well as spend unlimited and undisclosed amounts.

End Citizens United is operating as any other traditional PAC. It is not allowed to accept donations that are more than $5,000 in value from any individual donor. Hence End Citizens United has a donation cap. Still, in 2016, its fundraising managed to move it to the top ranks of the groups that are aligned with Democrats and have spent during the elections last year.

End Citizens United is known for its aggressive fundraising. This has been possible only through grassroots activism as they collected political cash.

The spokesman of End Citizens United is Adam Bozzi. He has claimed that the group has managed to build more ties to various campaign-finance groups. He has given several examples in order to strengthen his claim. He said that End Citizens United has collaborated with nearly two dozen groups in order to urge those Republican senators who have received donations for their elections campaigns. These have come from Betsy DeVos and her family members who are very wealthy. She has done this in order to ensure that they vote for her when she gets nominated as the Education secretary by President Donald Trump.

All this led to the Senate voting 50-50 in order to confirm Betsy DeVos. This was when the tie breaker was voted by Vice President Pence in her favor.

End Citizens United is mainly focused on ensuring that the Citizens United decision taken by the Supreme Court in 2010 is rolled back. This has led to the inflow of huge amounts of black money into the political system as lots of super PACs have come up. Besides, it allows undisclosed amounts of money to be used for election campaigns.

This is why End Citizens United is trying to get those Democrat candidates elected to the Congress who can stand for these finance reforms. It has already managed to raise $4 million during the first quarter of this year.

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