WEN Hair Care Products

Chaz Dean is the world famous hair specialist and Producer of Wen hair care products. He experienced first developments while working for the Beverly Hills salon. This is where he created the first salon’s conditioner commodity business.

Effects of Other Hair Care Products

Chaz realized the acute effects of commercial shampoo during the early years of experience with hair care. His discovery came about before other hair care industries could discern the harmful effects of Sodium Lauryl Sulfate found in most shampoos. He discovered that this market shampoo had unrelenting sulfates that resulted in tearing hair strength, fading hair color, and loss of hair moisture.

WEN Hair Care Products are made from Natural Ingredients

Chaz (see: https://chazdean.com/store.aspx) identified novel means of treating hair without the use of these harmful shampoo products. He experimented with lavender, apples, rosemary, bananas, eucalyptus, and sage. He came to the realization of better natural hair cleansing alternatives. After trying out the ingredients, his hair seemed more hydrated and clean but not damaged and stripped. His original hair care products featured the sage conditioner, rosemary, and primrose conditioners. He later partnered with a hair lab for further developments on his product. He gained the confidence and trust of many companies that sought for his experience in developing the unique natural hair care products.

WEN Hair Care Products are Globally Accepted

The WEN has gained a global community of women eager to test out the incredible results of the WEN Hair Care products since its original establishment. The popular WEN brand now enables women to achieve the hair of desire. WEN products have made women experience a whole new experience of softer and perfectly manageable hair. Hearing how his product transforms the lives of many women seems to help Chaz Dean’s attitude and confidence. He looks to set out a WEN hair care brand expansion to help women look beautiful everywhere. WEN hair care products are available on eBay and Guthy-Renker.

Todd Lubar’s Journey in the Mortgage Banking

Todd Lubar went to Syracuse University for his higher education and graduated in 1995 in with a Bachelor’s degree Speech Communication. Todd Lubar began his career in the Real Estate Industry upon his graduation in a company that goes by the name Crestar Mortgage Corporation. There Todd learned a lot on the conservative Mortgage banking model. In the Company, Todd time making relationships with the financial planners, Real estate agents and insurance agents who fed him with great financial skills. Having worked for the company since 1995, Todd decided to leave the company in 1999 to look for other green pastures.

Todd Lubar joined the Legacy Financial Group where he managed to secure an equity position. Todd took advantage of the position to develop his lending abilities as a broker to investors from the outside. In 2002, Todd accumulated his skills and founded the Legendary Properties LLC. The company received tremendous success by the fact that it was established within his Real Estate community. Todd’s company developed from a single family house to over twenty family property. Todd Lubar made an extensive network with experienced traders and major banking institutions. This involvement earned his company skills to quality productions and lines of credit.
In 2003, Todd founded the Charter funding which is currently one of the largest mortgages in the US that are privately owned. With a 12 years market experience, Todd Lubar established the Legendary Financial LLC; The Company offers commercial lending services to both individuals and companies. Todd has engaged in several transactions that have equipped him with remarkable skills on risk management and market trends.
In 2007 when the mortgage industry experienced some major changes, Todd Lubar got engaged in several other lines of business such as contracting companies and scrap metal recycling businesses.
Todd Lubar is currently serving as the TDL Global Ventures, LLC’s president and the senior Vice President of Legendary Investment.


Dr. Jennifer Walden, Top Beauty Surgeon In The United States

Harper’s Bazaar magazine last month named Dr. Jennifer Walden among the top 24 beauty surgeons in the whole nation. Dr. Jennifer is an acknowledged forerunner in her field providing excellent cosmetic surgeon services in New York. Having trained with top tier cosmetic surgeons, Dr. Jennifer has established a successful practice in Manhattan and another in her Austin Hometown providing clients with her unmatched skills. Dr. Jennifer is also a member of the board of directors of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic surgery.

This prolific surgeon who is also a published author and a media darling has two children and a mother she claims to inspire her on a daily basis. This award-winning doctor is not only successful but also brilliant and beautiful. She has great academic foundations complemented by nearly a decade of experience in practice of plastic surgery. She focuses mainly on cosmetic surgery which includes breast augmentations, eyelid lifts, facelifts, and nose jobs (rhinoplasties). Not to mention liposuction on the inner thighs, abdomen, and arms. Dr. Walden was born and raised in Austin Texas and received her undergraduate degree from the University of Texas. She Graduated with Honors in Bachelors of Arts in Biology and went on to get a medical doctorate achievement at the University of Texas Medical Branch where she graduated as the salutatorian with the highest honors.

Jennifer has also founded the Jennifer L. Walden, M.D., PLLC and Walden Cosmetic Surgery Centre in Austin. Her career began in Manhattan at the Manhattan Eye Ear and Throat Hospital where she got mentorship from Dr. Sherrell Aston. Dr. Walden is dedicated to providing top-notch surgery services to all clients. She provides customers with the information necessary to help them make informed decisions in their best interest to help them get the most natural results possible. She is committed to high level of patient care, satisfaction, and safety in a conducive environment.

Adam Milstein Features on the List of World’s Top 50 Most Influential Jews

About Adam Milstein

Adam Milstein has been recognized as among the 50 most influential Jewish personalities by the Jerusalem Post. The Jerusalem Post identifies Milstein as a Jewish with significant influence in the world over the past years and likely to bring changes in the future. Milstein ranked 39th on the list for his outstanding leadership capabilities. Currently, he serves as the Co-Owner and Principal of the Israeli-American Council (IAC). Besides, he serves as an activist, humanitarian, and mentor in several other Jewish organizations. They include Birthright Israel, the Israel on Campus Coalition, StandWithUs, and Hasbara Fellowships.

The list includes philanthropists like Sheldon Adelson, Mathew Bronfman, Haim Saban, Ron Lauder, and Lynn Schusterman. Influential leaders on the list include the incumbent Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the U.S. Senator Charles Schumer, and Elena Kagan and Ruth Bader, Supreme Court Justices. Jewish entertainers such as Sarah Silverman and Gal Gadot also features on the Jerusalem Post’s list of top 50 most influential Jewish personalities.

Adam Milstein felt honored and humbled for featuring on the Jerusalem Post’s list alongside other prominent Jewish figures. He expressed his gratitude to his wife, Gila, Israel-American Council other humanitarian organization in the Jewish world that partnered to make a difference in the Jewish community. Adam Milstein said that his award serves as a testament to the historic achievements of IAC since its establishment.

According to Adam Milstein, The Milstein Family Foundation was built to advance a mission based on two approaches. Firstly, it strengthens the Jewish community and the State of Israel, which is their homeland. The Foundation embraces the philosophies of active charity by funding charitable efforts. Secondly, The Milstein Family Foundation builds synergy between organizations to continue its work of strengthening the Jewish community.

About The Milstein Foundation

The Adam and Gila Family Foundation strengthens and safeguards the Jewish heritage by igniting Jewish pride in the coming generations. Over the years, the Foundation has been strengthening the U.S.-Israel association. It also provides knowledge and expertise to pro-Israel Americans responsible for strengthening the Jewish community’s ties with their birthplace, the State of Israel.

Adam at Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/AdamMilstein

Wengie Video Recap: Debunking 20 Myths

Beauty blogger Wengie debunks myths that her viewers probably believe. The first myth she addresses is that shaving hair off makes it grow back thicker. Instead, it grows back uneven and with a choppy edge. The next myth is that you should never wake up a sleepwalker. In fact, waking them just makes them disoriented, so the actual danger is for the person waking them up!


The third myth is that we only use 10 percent of our brains when we actually use the whole thing. Next is that Coke can dissolve a tooth overnight, but it actually cannot. The next myth is that sitting too close to the TV can ruin your eyes; while it does cause temporary strain, it does not cause any long-term problems. Next is that cat always land on their feet, but this is not always the case.


The seventh myth is that the color red angers bulls; they are color blind to red and charge at anything moving. Next is that goldfish have a 3-second memory, but it is actually closer to 5 months. The next myth is that cracking your joints can give you arthritis but this is simply untrue. The tenth myth is that sugar makes you hyperactive; in fact, it is a placebo effect from other excited people. Next is that Einstein was a bad student, but he always had top grades.


Next is that a penny dropped from a skyscraper can kill, but it is too small and the wind will slow it down so it isn’t dangerous. The next myth is that Thomas Edison invented the light bulb but he just was the first to patent it to be sold commercially. The 14th myth is that dark roast coffee contains more caffeine when in fact it’s the same and the flavor is from longer roasting times. Next is that restaurant food is healthier than fast food but it is not necessarily true.


Next is that swimming after eating is dangerous. The next myth is that more homework means better grades. Next is that you need more sleep when you get older. The final two myths according to Wengie are that swallowed gum stays in your stomach for 7 years and that you can catch a cold from being cold.


Read more about Wengie:


Equities First Holdings a Global Lender Fully Completes Transaction with ANGLE plc

On Oct 28th, 2016, Equities First Holdings LLC, a firm that is a global lender and a leader in alternative financial solutions published that the company has concluded the transaction with ANGLE plc CEO Andrew Newland. Equities First Holding (EFH) returned 1.35 million shares of ANGLE plc stock which was used as a guarantee in a financial transaction.

The two-year financing facility started on October 27th, 2014, and it was one of the major financial transactions carried out in the United Kingdom since the acquisition of Meridian Equity Partners Limited. The EFH obtained Meridian Partners in 2014 and then rebranded the received operations as Equities First (London) Limited.

Equities First (London) Limited is therefore authorized, permitted and regulated to conducted business in the United Kingdom by the Financial Conduct Authority of the United Kingdom under register number 605564.

For Equities First Holdings, returning of collateral is business as usual, says the founder and the CEO of the company Al Christy, Jr. he further explains that the firm has completed over 700 transactions and has built a track of good reputation over years of returning clients collateral after maturity and total repayment.

Equities First Holdings LLC was founded in 2002 by Al Christy who serves as the president of the company. The firm has continued to dominate in the provision of alternatives financing solutions and also providing capital against publically traded stock hence enabling its clients to meet both their professional and personal goals and objectives. The company operates across the globe and seen over 700 successful transactions and has also delivered over $ 1.4 billion USD in multiple funding to date.

The firm has nine offices in various countries where it continues to alternative lending solutions to high net worth individuals who intends to seek non-purpose capital and to various corporations. The company is hyper-focused and dedicated hence it is in a position to operate on deal-by-deal basis offering solutions and lending unique loans that are simple, transparent and secure. EFH empowers investors with tailored transactions allowing them to access funding for their businesses quickly and efficiently.

visit for more info: equitiesfirst.com

Handy Is A Great Choice For A Business Or Home

Residents and businesses alike all use cleaning services, and the reason they need the services is to help them keep their places clean, especially when they are unable to do it themselves. Those who have a home that needs to be cleaned are very likely to get Handy’s cleaning services, but many don’t realize that businesses can use these services as well. Anyone who has a business that needs to be cleaned can hire Handy workers, and several workers can come out if necessary to get the job done. Businesses tend to pay a lot of money to get their buildings cleaned, but that’s not necessary with Handy.

Anyone who has a business can create an account on the Handy website to have a worker or several workers come out to their location. According to nyctechmommy.com, a business that wants to create an account will do it just the same way as a person who owns a home would do it, and they are allowed to get any services that Handy offers. Although most businesses will want their buildings clean, those that need painting services, moving services, plumbing services and more can also call on Handy. It’s even possible to combine different services and have different Handy workers come out the same day.

Since Handy has enough different services to cater to both businesses and residents, many businesses may choose to make Handy their primary cleaning service, especially since some other cleaning services may charge a significant amount more than Handy does. Handy even has delivery services that can deliver furniture from IKEA and have it assembled at the same time, which can prove to be a great service for a business as well as a residence. Everyone should take advantage of Handy when they need services for their business or home.



Tidal Rises to the Top as Desiree Perez is Leads the Way


Desiree Perez is changing things in many ways for Tidal. She is marketing the company in a new way, and people are getting excited about what is happening with Tidal. The Tidal X concert was a success, and performances of the show are being uploaded to the website. This is the exclusive content that people cannot get anywhere else.It doesn’t matter if they search all of YouTube. It doesn’t matter if they go to Spotify. Tidal has the videos of big stars like Beyonce in concert that cannot be seen anywhere else.


Dez Perez is the one that has made this happen. She has certainly been able to make people notice what Tidal has to offer. It was a difficult path to take, but somehow Desiree Perez has carved out a place for Tidal in the industry.


In the early stages of Shawn Carter’s ownership of Tidal there was no real sign of this company standing out. Other executives were place. These executives have left since that time, and there is no sign of the old Tidal. It was a company that was just trying to blend in with the other music streaming services and get a percentage of the pie. Now there is another way that Desiree Perez is going about getting things in order for this company. She is doing her best to make people see that there is a way to stay on top of the competition. Perez has decided to shift the focus for Tidal and work towards standing out. There is no need for this music streaming service to fall into the same line of vision that other music streaming companies have fallen in. Perez wanted to do something that was different.


Now she is focusing on subscribers that were not completely content with the service that they were getting. This is the app that presents the high fidelity music streaming experience. This is more than just another app with music that everyone has access to. This is the groundbreaking app with executives that have an ear to the street. The newest content is unveiled here first, and that is power. This means that Perez and Jay-Z are essentially in place to control the way that music is hitting the airwaves. Tidal is like a fashion catwalk that displays the newest things before these things are available in stores. Perez has orchestrated all of this.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho: the Successful Brazilian Litigator

The legal system in Brazil resembles that of the Unites States in its structure, but the laws and procedures differ a lot. The Brazil’s legal system is based on civil codes and statutes rather than the common law that is used in the United States federal system and American states. The country’s civil laws and legal system originate from the Roman law which was implemented by the Portuguese during the colonial era. The Constitution organizes Brazil as a federative republic formed by the federal districts, states, and municipalities. The Brazilian government is made up of the legislative, executive and judiciary.

  • Executive Branch

The President of the Republic is the head of the Executive who is also the Head of Government and the Chief of State. The Executive has power over the Judiciary since it selects the Supreme Federal Court Justices and the judges of other Superior Courts. It works together with the Legislative branch in the creation of laws and authorizing projects.

  • Legislative Branch

The Legislative is organized as the National Congress and consists of two houses: The Federal Senate (upper house) and the Chamber of Deputies (lower house). These two houses constitute representatives who are elected by the citizens. The Legislative Branch enacts regulations that establish rights and obligations. The acts may take the form of provisional executive acts, supplementary, ordinary and delegated laws, amendments to the Federal Constitution, and legislative decrees.

  • Judicial Branch

The judicial powers are bestowed upon The Supreme Federal Court, the Superior Court of Justice, the National Council of Justice and Federal Judges.

The Judiciary is organized into state and federal branches. The highest court in the judicial hierarchy is the Federal Supreme Court and is responsible for protecting the Constitution. It also has other duties such as declaring state or federal laws unconstitutional, order extradition requests from foreign states and ruling over cases decided in sole instance courts.

Ricardo TostoCarvalho

Ricardo Carvalho is a co-founder of Leite, Tosto e Barros Advogados. Mr. Tosto is a successful Brazilian litigator who has represented large Brazilian companies, multinational organizations, distinguished people and the government. Mr. Ricardo Tosto has practiced business law for over 20 years. He specializes in commercial and civil litigation, M&A, corporate restructuring, credit recovery, electoral law and international law.

He is an active member of different organizations including Firms and Partnerships Research Centre (CESA), Brazilian Bar Association, the International Bar Association and many others. He has a strong educational background having graduated from the UniversidadePresbiteriana Mackenzie.

Helane Morrison’s Influence in the Financial Industry

U.S financial industry is one of the most notorious when it comes to disobeying the rules and regulations set by relevant authorities. The situation even got worse to an extent of prompting the Congress to enact new laws to govern the industry and bring sanity in 2010. Programs such as SEC Whistleblower were introduced to ensure that financial service providers adhere to the set codes of practice in the industry.


One of the individuals who have made significant impact on restoring good business practice in the financial sector is Helane Morrison. Her courage and dedication as a compliance officer is unmatched. She has managed to facilitate the development of a series of rules meant to enhance the level of performance of SEC. She never chickens out with the male dominance in her career field because she believes she has equal opportunities to do her work even better.


Her role became as a compliance officer became significant in 2007 and 2008 pre-economic crisis period. During this time, there were several cases of corruption in the financial industry. Reputable firms were caught up in a series of scandals. Most of them came crumbling down while others begged for bailouts from the government. Helena was at the forefront in scrutinizing corruption cases and giving fair verdicts.


Helane Morrison currently works at Hall Capital as a compliance officer after moving from SEC’s San Francisco office. She is one of the few women who have what it takes to survive in male-dominated positions without fearing or stepping back. She has managed to convince those who were apprehensive about her level of tenacity and boldness in this industry, which is full of controversies characterized by intimidation and blackmailing.


At Hall Capital, she ensures the company’s workforce complies with the government rules and the internal regulations that govern it. The company is at the top of the list of most successful and disciplined financial outlets because of her. People love her because of her tough demeanor. Those who have not interacted with her may think that she is intimidating, but the truth is that she is just a humble person who is interested in people’s welfare. Her exemplary performance has not gone unrecognized by organizations. She is an appointed member of the American Bar Association. At the board meetings, Helena does not shy away from speaking the truth about importance of complying with SEC rules and regulations. She never backs down until she proves her point, which has made her a popular figure at the meetings.

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