DIY with school supplies!

In this awesome Youtube video by Wengie, you learn how to do some great DIY projects with just school supplies.

First, she takes a normal T-shirt out of her closet and uses scissors to create an awesome racer-back tank top. How cool is that? it looks so simple and she does it step-by-step so you can do it at home too! I know you have some T-shirts laying around that would look awesome this way!

Next, she takes a pair of normal jean shorts and uses highlighters, kitchen sponges and bleach to give it a one-of-a-kind look. She starts off bleaching the shorts and after that step alone gives you an awesome new addition to your closet. Who would have thought? Most people have this stuff laying around.

Lastly, she took a pair of cheap white shoes and a few sharpies and designed her own look. You can even do it with a friend and have matching shoes!

All of these DIY projects look so easy, anyone can do them! We all like to be unique and stand out from the crowd and Wengie knows just the way to do it. Man, she comes up with great ideas! Find her on Youtube for other great ideas and DIY projects.


Leading Authority on Comparative Law, Sujit Choudhry

Through comparative law, people can understand not just their own legal system but those of other countries. Comparative law is a century old study that compares the legal systems of different countries. This is helpful, especially in today’s society, because it helps people when doing business in other countries. When you do business in other countries you have to know the law and what is legal and illegal. It can also be used as a tool to help the harmonization of laws. Comparative law is an important thing to understand for anyone involved in other foreign relations or business with other countries in any capacity. For additional reading, hop over to


Sujit Choudhry is a leading authority on comparative law. He has developed tools that help foreign countries who are in a transitional switch from violent conflict to peaceful democratic politics. Through comparative law, Sujit Choudhry is able to help during that transitional period to make a smoother switch. He has helped many countries and consulted for the World Bank Institute and was worked as a foreign constitutional expert for countries in constitutional transition. He has worked for Egypt, Jordan, Libya, Tunisia, Nepal, and Sri Lanka when they were going through constitutional transitions.

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Sujit Choudhry prepared for his career in comparative law by becoming aware of multiple legal systems through his education. He studied and earned law degrees from Oxford, Toronto, and Harvard.  Sujit Choudhry was written over 70 published articles and co-authored books on the subject. He was the law clerk for a former Candian Supreme Court Judge, Chief Justice Antonio Lamer. To add to his credibility as a leading force on comparative law, he is a part of multiple boards and committees. He is a part of the Executive Committee of the International Society of Public Law, the Board of Editors of the International Journal of Constitutional Law, and even the Editorial Board of the Constitutional Court Review, and the Board of Advisers for the Cambridge Studies in Constitutional Law. His vast involved in aspects of comparative law add to the credibility of his knowledge on the matter.

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Adam Milstein – About Collaboration and Connection

Adam Milstein has been pro-Israel much of his life. Born in Israel, Milstein served in the Israeli Defense Force, IDF, during the Yom Kippur War. He moved to the USA in 1981 and shortly thereafter received higher education and subsequent MBA from a major west coast university. Adam Milstein went on to develop a career and philanthropic practice in real estate.

Presently, Milstein travels and writes extensively promoting connection and collaboration between people and organizations whose interest are pro-Israel in nature. One area where this is very real involves the “boycott Israel” movement. Numerous organizations compete for credit to challenge the boycott, sanctions and divestment movement, because fund raising is seen more difficult by these groups when combined effort is invoked.

The Adam and Gila Family Foundation however, work from the position that the Jewish community in the US has changed demographically in the recent past. Collaboration will strengthen a new voice, unify this new community, and combat anti-semitism and global disrespect through mutual support of causes and ideas.

The Milstein Family Foundation supports college campus organizations, such as Hillel, that seek to challenge rising reports of anti-semitism. Furthermore, other pro-Israel interests include The Israel-American Council of which Milstein is co-founder, media accuracy, non-governmental organizational monitoring, Jewish Israel Education, Christian United for Israel, Aish etc.Adam Milstein is attributed to being a good listener and astute at active philanthropy that involves collaboration. One observation ascribed to him says,”Whatever we give to charity, God gives us ten times more.” Perhaps this maxim is includes time, talent and finances.

The Grand Role of Comparative Law in International Law

For good analysis of differences and similarities between laws of various countries, Comparative Law knowledge is essential.


Comparative Law is the study of legal systems such as Civil Law, Socialist Law, Common Law, Cannon Law, Jewish Law, Hindu Law, Chinese Law, Islamic Law, and comparing them.


Research findings from Comparative Law reveal effectiveness and ineffectiveness of all legal systems applied in different countries.


This important data is usually exploited to perfect various countries’ legal systems; for example by legal transplants, contribute to the consolidation of legal systems, and to advance knowledge of the various legal systems in effect.


Although Comparative Law is different from the fields of general jurisprudence such as International Law (Public International Law and Private International Law), it helps inform all of these areas of normativity.


Albeit genesis of modern Comparative Law can be traced back to 18th century Europe, veteran legal scholars practiced comparative methodologies, and modern day legal giants carry on with it.  Based on


Sujit Choudhry


In our day, it is the likes of Professor Sujit Choudhry who are following in the footsteps of Comparative Law predecessors, and making remarkable differences in the world.


Choudhry’s mainstay is Comparative Constitutional Law and Comparative Constitutional Development.


He holds Master of Laws (LL.M.) from Harvard Law School, Bachelor of Laws (LL.B.) from the University of Toronto, Bachelor of Arts in Law from the University of Oxford, and Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) from the McGill University.


His immense knowledge and expertise have benefitted several countries including Sri Lanka, Libya, South Africa, Nepal, Tunisia, Jordan, Ukraine, and Egypt.


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As a foreign constitutional expert who is in support of constitutional transitions, he made enormous legal contributions in the making or amending of their constitutions.


Center for Constitutional Transitions


Sujit Choudhry is also revered as the Founding Director of the Center for Constitutional Transitions – world’s first university-based center which generates and mobilizes knowledge for constitution building.


Role at United Nations and World Bank


Besides playing other prominent roles, he is a member of the United Nations Mediation Roster, and a consultant to the World Bank Institute at the World Bank.




He has authored several books, including Constitutional Design for Divided Societies: Integration or Accommodation?, Constitution Making (Constitutional Law series), The Migration of Constitution Ideas, The Oxford Handbook of The Indian Constitution (Oxford Handbooks), and Dilemmas of Solidarity: Rethinking Distribution in the Canadian Federation.

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Sunny Plumber Plumbing Services

If you are residing in areas around the South West of the United States, you should never be worried about your plumbing issues. Serving these areas is Sunny Plumber who is dedicated to fixing you simple plumbing issues or installing state of the art plumbing equipment in your home. Here we seek to inform you of the sunny plumber team and its dedication to making your life easier by providing you with ever flowing clean water.

Why use Sunny Plumber?

There are several reasons why you should employ this team’s services. Some of them are discussed below;

  • Job well done

With Sunny Plumber, you are assured that by the time the team is finished with its job, it will be a job well done. The team has a good reputation in the area because they believe “good” is not good enough. They always aim at perfection, which is just about what you need.

  • Availability

There are times when you cannot expect plumbing emergencies. This, however, does not mean emergencies will not come. In that case, you require a plumbing service provider that is very available. That plumbing service is none other than Sunny Plumber. Its members are available 24 hours a day every day. With them, you can never worry about plumbing emergencies.

  • Offer family friendly services

The Sunny Plumbing team is a group of professional plumbers who are sane and tested. They will treat your family well and provide you with the good services that you require. In the case of any questions or inquiries, they will always be at your disposal.

  • Efficiency is guaranteed

For plumbing issues, you do not require services that will only partially solve the problem. That will mean that you will spend more money on repairmen costs. With Sunny Plumber, this is not the case. They do their work to perfection, as they are professionals and therefore are very efficient.


For any plumbing issues especially in the southern region of the United States, you should trust Sunny Plumber for quality services. They are good at what they do.

Brian Torchin’s HCRC And How It Has Helped Medical Practitioners Meet Their Staffing Needs

Brian Torchin is a chiropractor and the founder of Health Care Recruitment Counsellors. He attended college at the University of Delaware where he earned a Bachelor’s of Exercise Medicine and went on to add his Chiropractic degree.

The Health Care Recruitment Counsellors is a healthcare staffing solutions firm that is involved in the marketing of employment opportunities. It offers career consultation and helps employment seekers who intend to apply their skills in health care.

Torchin is described by his subordinates as a team player who always consults and takes all inputs into consideration before coming to a decision. He is also described by his clients as a dedicated man. He is always there for them and ready to answer all their questions and give effective solutions to their problems. Brian Torchin publishes articles on HCRC’s blog on a number of topics on things he is interested in -these range from managerial functions to marketing.

According to Glassdoor, Brian Torchin’s Facebook is awash with his interests. A glance at his profile and wall reveals a number of things that he is passionate about. He is a member of various chiropractor groups such as Chiropractic Fountain. His page also reveals an interest in superior marketing and in sports.

For a long time now, the HCRC has grown from a small firm into a reputable firm under the masterful guidance of Brian Torchin. It is now one of the biggest staffing agencies in health care in the United States.

HCRC has helped many healthcare providers meet their staffing needs in a way that most other staffing agencies have not yet done.

They have reintegrated economics into the provision of healthcare and it is not just the clients that are satisfied with their services but also patients who receive best health care standards and are assured of high standards of professionalism.

Patty Rocklage: A Marriage Therapist With A Difference

Patty Rocklage has over two decades of experience as a marriage and family therapist. She graduated from USC in 1981 and soon after she received her licensed of operation in Massachusetts. She currently lives in Sudbury, Massachusetts.

She has gained experience in counseling and also dealing with different family issues that people face today. What is interesting is that she treats each and every case individually. Even though the tools that she uses are the same, she will personalize them to fit your situation. That is what has made her successful in the sector.


According to Patty Rocklage, there are many reasons that cause a couple and a family to grow apart, and they include; miscommunications, misunderstandings, infidelity, financial issues, jealousy, children, teenage rebellion among others. She says that the problems originate from the parents and later spill over to the children. That is the reason why addressing the issues as soon as they surface can help in establishing a greater relationship between the parents and the children.

There are different types of families from single mom families to same-sex marriages. She knows that the different families experience similar problems, but the approach should be different. The method you use on a single mom or dad family is not the same one that you will use on a nuclear family. She has designed different approaches that are suitable to her different clients.

Yes, she has gained the theoretical knowledge from school. But, what makes her great at what she does is that she uses her own life lessons to counsel her clients.

Her approach is to talk to all the parties involved and try and figure out the common issue. She then works with each individual so that they can all understand their role in the conflict. This helps the members of the family to identify the problem together and find a solution. There are also different exercises that she offers for the family and the couples to do at home.

Patty has advised the marriage partners to resolve an issue immediately it occurs. This is because if they let to linger, it is going to cause more problems in the marriage and eventually the family. When the parents fight, the whole family is disoriented. That is why addressing the issue first hand is important. It is crucial for them to also seek the services of a therapist. Therapists will help them see the issue from a third eye.


Patty reads a lot, and that is what has kept her informed of the different therapy treatments that can be used to deal with the different family issues. The knowledge that she has gained, she applies to the real life situation and then develops different therapy plans.

Some of the Coolest Lime Crime Products


Lime Crime is a unique and popular cosmetic brand that offers a large array of bold colors. It was first introduced way back in 2008 and is still just as popular today. Below are some of the most popular products they have to offer.


Unicorn Lipstick


The unicorn Lipstick is one of the first and most popular products they have to offer. They come in a unique lipstick tube that has an adorable unicorn on it. Each tube of the Unicorn lipstick offers a unique cupcake scent. They are available in a wide range of colors including yellow, mint green, black and even purple. They are one of the most recognizable beauty products on the market. The Unicorn lipsticks are available online and in a few select retail locations. They are vegan friendly as well as cruelty free.


Matte velvetine lipsticks


The matte Velvetine lipsticks are one of the most revolutionary products that Lime Crime has to offer. They are a unique liquid lipstick that dries to a soft velvet finish. They are kiss proof as well as touch proof and can typically only be removed with waterproof makeup remover. They are very long-lasting and are available in a wide range of colors. One of the newest colors available is Scandal which is a beautiful dark plum shade.


Super Foil Eyesadows


Another very unique product is the super foil eyeshadows. They can be used wet or dry and offer many different benefits. When used wet they are a metallic foil when used dry they offer a lot of sparkle and glitter. They come in a variety of different shades and are very long lasting.

These are just a few of the top products that they have to offer. They also offer a variety of other lip products as well as other face and eye products. Each product is made of high-quality ingredients and is vegan friendly as well as cruelty free. Lime Crime products are available for purchase online and are also available in a few select locations. They offer a wide range of products in a variety of fun and interesting colors.

Talk Fusion is Making Life Easier for People Everywhere

One of the things that many people miss out on or fail to notice is that there are a lot of great brains out there. They are filled with big ideas and big plans. They have ways in which they can change the world and make it a better place. They just need a platform and they need a place to show it off and let everyone get a taste of it. That is why a company like Talk Fusion is so important to society. They make dreams come true and they change the lives of a whole lot of people. That is a lot of power and a lot of responsibility. However, it is never something that has intimated Bob Reina of Talk Fusion.

It has been quite the opposite in fact. It has inspired him and motivated him to keep changing Talk Fusion and making it the biggest and best product that it can be for the public out there. He knows how much people need it and how much it can impact the world, as mentioned, and their own life. With state of the art video chats, video emails, video conferences, and video newsletters, everyone has what they need to get their perspective company off the ground and really take it to some great places.

That is why a company like Talk Fusion wins awards, two in fact, in the year 2016 from the Technology Marketing Corporation. The most recent award was for the 2016 Communications Solutions Product of the Year Award. This really warms the heart of Bob Reina because he loves solutions and he loves communication. In his mind, they go hand-in-hand, and they are one in the same. When people communicate, understand each other, and are on the same wave length, wonderful things can occur for them.

It shows the kind of person that Bob Reina is in that he was quick to thank his IT team. He is not the kind of person that is going to puff out his chest and take all of the credit for any award. He knows how valuable each and every person is to Talk Fusion.


Traveling Vineyard Gives People Access To Flexible Jobs

Women that are looking for an opportunity in the field of sales need look no further than the Traveling Vineyard. This is a company that has allowed many people to increase their income and totally start new careers in the area of direct sales.

The thing that people will instantly notice about the concept of the Traveling Vineyard is that it gives you all the tools that you need to succeed up front. People that get started will be connected with a Traveling Vineyard representative that is in their area. This will be an experienced person that will be able to relay the information on any questions about how various wines are sold.

The concept of the mentor is quite fascinating because it gives people access to a level of high expertise that they may not be able to find if they were in other direct sales jobs. People that are personable will find that direct selling is a very interesting job to acquire. With the business of selling wine and wine tasting parties it may be easy to build relationships and acquire customers. Many people that are fans of wine drinking will discover a whole new world of wine that they may never have known about. This is what the traveling Vineyard does. It gives people the opportunity to discover things that they were unaware of, and people in direct sales are the ones that make this happen.

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This is a very interesting concept for many of the people that are looking for a way to build their own hours and have their own flexible schedule. When a representative works for the Traveling Vineyard they get the opportunity to decide when they are going to have the wine tasting parties. They make the decisions on how many hours they will put into their job during the week. They have a lot of flexibility, and single mothers maybe some of the best candidates for these type of jobs. Many single moms need that flexibility that a routine position may not offer. This is why the Traveling Vineyard job is attractive.

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