Richard Dwayne Blair illustrates his pillars to financial breakthrough

Richard Dwayne Blair is a registered advisor, and he is best known for his passion in educating and advising regular investors. He has a broad financial knowledge as an investor and has acquired vast experience during his teaching. The graduate from the University of Houston with a degree in finance and financial management gets his satisfaction when he helps people gain confidence and practical skills for investments.

Richard Dwayne Blair believes that everyone requires a strategic plan to assist them in reaching their financial dreams. He believes in three pillars to help create a financial roadmap from ones current financial status to retirement needs.

The first pillar is tailored to understand to clients financial strengths, then Richard identifies the goals, advantages, risks that one is exposed to and growth opportunities. This planning pillar enables him to come up with a substantial long term relationship with the clients. The plan also helps him get a bigger picture of the client’s needs and determinations which lays an opportunity for him to institute clear expectations.

The second pillar that Richard works with is meant to establish an effective strategic plan that suits the client’s unique and particular needs. This goal plan enables him to handle and allocate assets in pursuit of maximum performance especially the times of upward market movements and when minimizing the risks involved and negative impacts on a client’s portfolio.

The third pillar comes in after Richard has established a financial plan and enact strategies that will result in sufficient growth and liquidity. He then applies the final component which involves the implementation and monitoring of the strategic plan of the client. This includes tracking the financial goals as well as comparing the targets to the client’s financial expectations. Richard also keeps a record of the client’s model goal and data history.

Richard Dwayne Blair has continued to rely on these three pillars to help him design a custom-tailored financial plan. He has continued to thrive in assisting his clients to reach their financial goals and plan for their future. He has various certifications, including Certified Fund Specialist and Certified Tax Specialist among others.

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Where To Experience Nature In Samoa

     For those who want to swim in the pools that dot Samoa the best time of year to visit is from November until April. This is the wet season which means the pools will be full and deep enough for people to dive into them. One of the most popular places to dive in is Togitogiga Waterfall. There is also Papase’ea Sliding Rocks which has natural slides down into a clean and refreshing pool. One of the slides is about 15 feet long but most are closer to 10 feet in length.

In order to experience these pools one needs to first get to Samoa. Most people arrive on flights that land at Fagali’i Airport. This airport is central to just about everything on Upolu Island so getting your bags to your hotel and then heading off on an outdoor adventure is simple and quick. Fagali’i Airport is also quick to get through, unlike the vast majority of airports, as only 19 people maximum can catch one of the flights that leave each day.

Another great outdoor place to visit is Palolo Deep Marine Reserve. People have to swim out a distance to experience this but for those who do they will be creating lifelong memories. There are beautiful, multi-colored corals to see her as well as tropical fish. There are also a lot of reef sharks which are actually perfectly safe to be around. There is a reserve where snorkeling gear can be rented for the day which provides the best experience.

For those who wan to swim with green turtles they can visit Satoalepai Turtle Sanctuary. These turtles are endangered so they are kept here until their large enough to be released into the wild. Although they are called green turtles they actually have black shells; the green refers to their fat and cartilage color.

End Citizens United Making Way for Clean Politics in the United States through Campaign Finance Reform

In the United States, elections are a big affair, especially when it is the Presidential or Senate elections. Tons of money is used in the elections these days, which are mostly funneled by the corporate companies and wealthy individuals. If the corporate companies stop funding the elections, it would be difficult for the political candidates to organize such lavish political campaigns with countrywide reach.

The ads that are broadcasted on air and radio as well as showcased on newspapers and social media needs a lot of money to create and publish, and it is this money that the corporate companies provide to help ensure that their choice of political candidate wins the elections. Once the elections are over, the senator returns the favor by giving the wealthy individuals as well as corporate companies with the political leverage that they need to pass the bills or other favors. In most cases, these favors are not in the best interest of the nation or the majority of the population, but it works wonder for the companies and wealthy individuals.

For many years, the election funding had been regulated, but in 2010, the Supreme Court had to rule in favor of the Citizens United, which wanted the election funding to be deregulated. It meant that the wealthy individuals, as well as corporate companies, could spend as much cash as they want in the elections. End Citizens United was created by Tiffany Mueller to overturn the election campaign finance rules constitutionally. The strategy is simple to endorse the political candidates who support the same mission as them and help them get elected to the Senate. Once the majority is achieved in the Senate, a bill can be passed that would help overturn the Supreme Court decision of 2010 in the Citizens United vs. FEC case.

End Citizens United has organized a nationwide campaign to help create awareness about the election campaign finance rules. The political scenario in the United States needs to change, and it is the organization like End Citizens United that is helping bring such change. End Citizens United is trying to gather money from the common people to help create a sum that would be used to endorse the political candidates that have rejected the corporate money. It is the only way End Citizens United believes that the clean politics can make way in the country. The government that is formed in this way would be more accountable to the public than to the huge corporations that fund the elections.

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The Customer Service Advantage of the Fagali’l Airport

     The Fagali’l airport has made the public reviews as an incredible experience to sustain before entering into the great city of Apia. A 5-star airport with amazing customer service, guests are saying some really outstanding things about how well they’ve been treated in the airport and how confident they are in choosing the Fagali’l airport over its competitor for every trip to Apia and surrounding areas.

The Fagali’l airport always ensures that its customer service staff is always properly prepared for the most extreme possible occurrences. They take their staff through rigorous training in order to build them into the best of the best in airport customer service. This is a main focus for the management team of the Fagali’l airport. No staff member is put out onto the floor without completely grasping the rigorous training programs 100%. No slackers, no rude or disrespectful attitudes, staff members are persistently taught to exhibit character of politeness and professionalism at all times, with a touch of Samoan culture in the mix. The Fagali’l airport receives some pretty difficult tourists at times and to deal with them, a tough airport customer service team must be the factor.

The Fagali’l airport includes not only incredible customer character within their customer service staff, but they provide their customers with great transportation accommodations as well. As you step on the outside of the airport, buses, taxis, shuttles and more are sitting steady to take you where you desire. There was a time when Apia lacked sufficient transportation accommodations, but times have changed. If you plan to re-visit Apia after that time when guests would have to sit outside of the airport looking at not one taxi, bus or shuttle, you should really try the Fagali’l airport today, before booking with another airport. You will be amazed at all of the changes that were made to best accomodate travelers in their transportational efforts.

Visit Apia today for your next family vacation. There is much fun under the sun of a city that holds 85 degree weather all year long and entails various beautiful beaches enriched in Samoan culture. The reviews are consistent online for your viewing pleasure.

A glance at the untold story of Nick Vertucci’s life

To succeed in business, learning from our failures and not letting them determine our future is essential. Unfortunately, most business people always fail to learn from their failures and often let these accidental slips define them. That is why if you are an entrepreneur you should prioritize on reading Nick Vertucci’s new book, seven-figure decisions, Having the balls to succeed.

The book was released recently but is doing pretty well and is already a best seller on Amazon. As we speak, it has already sold over a thousand copies. In the book, Nick gives account of his long string of failures and mistakes in business. Even though they kind of pinned him down and he even went through depression, Nick Vertucci did not let them win and he fought back by getting up and coming up with new strategies which worked. It has 350 pages which highlight his journey to financial freedom and building a business empire. Unlike your ordinary grass to grace stories, Vertucci’s life takes a different approach of grass to grace, back to grass and then back to grace. That is why every budding entrepreneur or businessman out there should read it as it contains lots of life-changing twists and turns.

Who is Nick Vertucci?

Nick is a force to reckon in the real estate and also in the entire scope of business as well. He is the brains behind NV real estate companies in California, Irvine to be precise. Even though to many people out there Nick is the epitome of success and they look up to him, his journey to the apex has been quite a rough one.

Nick Vertucci is where he is currently not because of rich parents or luck but out of sheer hard work, determination, and resilience. He hails from a humble background where his parents had to go the extra mile to provide Nick and his siblings with the basic necessities. He, however, did not let this define him and even when the situation got worse due to the death of his father when he was at a tender age of ten, Mr. Vertucci remained strong.

At only the age of eighteen, Nick started his first business. While his peers were waiting on their parent’s handouts, he was busy making a future for himself in the computer business. However business is not always a bed of roses and unfortunately, his first businesses collapsed after the 2000 dot crash. What followed was a series of debts over debts to the point that he almost his own home.

Nick did not let this loss determine his life and soon he was already venturing into the unknown world of real estate after he learned the basic ropes of this sector at an academy he had previously enrolled into. Here is where he got his big break and after setting the pace for many investors he finally launched his company. It is through this company that Nick helps myriads of budding investors build a successful career for themselves.

Nick Vertucci’s life is indeed sufficient proof that life can only give you lemons but what you do with them is the thin line between you leading a better life or a miserable one.

Lori Senecal-Using Management Magical Touch

Lori Senecal, an expert in digital advertising, believes 2017 is the year of creating videos and images that are outstanding and unique. She states that customers are more attracted to innovation but they shun away from unremarkable ads and without bold, fresh and personalized approach the marketing ads have zero chances of going viral or being seen.


According, to Lori Senecal aiming for the customer’s heart, helps to stir up emotional response and this breaks their consumer apathy promoting immediate viewing and sharing of your Ads. Most of the successful ads take the approach of emotion provide an inspiring and authentic experience and to touch viewers. Using of real people is a trending method that increases the emotional impact of your targeted consumers since they feel a secure connection with icons or celebrities used in the ads making them more likely to share and keep watching.


Lori Senecal says that using strong colors that have intense, eye-catching colors and visually standouts make the viewers look. Unexpected and bold colors combinations are the most popular 2017 trends. Also creating of delightful and surprising pleasant viewer experience with exciting and fresh look makes the consumer associate closely with your brand. For more detail visit Bloomberg


Lori Senecal attributes her successful career life to exciting early experience and motivation from her older siblings. She is Crispin Porter and Bogusky chief executive officer. Lori holds sales and marketing degree and has a magical hand of turning her project into success and when she joins a company she makes it better and more successful than its original state. Lori is bringing out the inner and outer beauty of every company and the people she works with making her famous and respected.


Lori Currently oversees the expansion and growth of CP+B’s where she manages and coordinates the nine offices globally focusing on the firm global development. She started working with the agency in 2015. During her tenure at the company, she made significant triumph on the culture and business of CP+B

making it modern agency that is agile, inventive and collaborative. Lori Senecal is a woman to watch in agency executives.



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Malcolm CasSelle Paving the way for Cryptocurrency

Malcolm CasSelle is a serial entrepreneur who holds a bachelor’s degree from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a master’s degree from Stanford University with a concentration in Computer Science. He co-founded NetNoir in 1995 and also served as the Chief Technology Officer (CTO). NetNoir was a media production website that focused on Afrocentric culture. After his time at NetNoir CasSelle then became the senior president and advisor to the Chief Executive Officer(CEO) at Pacific Century CyberWorks(PCCW) in Hong Kong. Here he publically traded telco services and he raised billions for the company.


From 2012 until 2014 Malcolm has made great strides in the video game industry. After his time at PCCW CasSelle worked as the director at a Capital Union Investments based out of Hong Kong. Here CasSelle managed private investment for 7 years. He then moved on to become CEO of Xfile, which is the global network for video games. Afterward, he became the CEO of MediaPass and Timeline Labs. Before the end of 2014, he was the Senior Vice President of SeaChange International.


Currently, Malcolm CasSelle is the Chief Information Officer (CIO) of OPSkins and the president of the Worldwide eXchange (WAX). OPSkins has the greatest sales of all in-game virtual assets and is the number one bitcoin merchant in the world. WAX is the creators of OPSkins. WAX is a marketplace for virtual assets and they are going to decentralize smart contacts allowing a more efficient way for buyers and sellers to trade. With blockchain, WAX was able to resolve two big problems; fragmentation and fraud. Wax enabled a widget that allows vendors and purchases to easily buy and sell virtual merchandise without ever leaving their game. Blockchain and WAX Token is a cryptocurrency that allows individuals across the planet to buy and sell within a secure marketplace. This platform creates a marketplace where individuals do not have to worry about language barriers, payment processing or security. WAX Token is an extremely common cryptocurrency amongst gamer. This eliminates the Foreign Exchange Market which is a program within virtual asset markets. Malcolm CasSelle believes that with this platform will be entering the beginnings of a world where cryptocurrency becomes mainstream.


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PSI Pay — Your Friend Overseas in Easy Payment

PSI Pay is the European monetary company that represents how easily electronic payments can be made. The corporation is usually innovating and giving their customers new ways to form an easier life. The most recent methodology consists of a small ring worn on your finger. The ring is employed for fashionable contactless payments. The contactless payment are often utilized in forty four completely different countries with one-hundred and seventy three currencies and is process by Psi Pay. After you wish to form a payment, the ring sends a sign to the counter and your purchase is completed. Everything happens in the native currency. For somebody that travels, this ring could be an essential travel item!


PSI Pay is wanting to become the top financial institution for this revolutionary invention. Those that have spoken up concerning the greatness have found the advantages within the invention. The rings are built by Kerv Wearables. They crafted the beautiful rings out of an element stronger than steel. The rings will survive extreme weather like heat and cold, and that they won’t break in your everyday wear and tear. They’re terribly durable. The underside is created from a softer material that’s snug in your hands. It’s absolute in its ability to be worn without producing allergies. It’s the primary wearable ring that enables customers to form purchases.


PSI Pay has introduced the ring so customers have the liberty to form contactless payments in each country they’re traveling. They have to be ready to buy merchandise and services with ease. Once Kerv Wearables teamed up with PSI Pay, the thought was to make one thing that was trendy and practical. They achieved this with their contactless payment ring. The rings work by permitting customers to hold a digital notecase away their physical notecase. The notecase holds E currency which might be used as payment in an area in an instant. It’s the same as a checking account with multiple payment cards connected to that. This can be referred to as the European wallet. In distinction, the American wallet could be a digital wallet that includes a single payment system from card to retail shop. The European wallet is an intercessor to forestall excess charge backs.


PSI Pay has offered their services for over twenty years, and they have been verified by MasterCard. Their contactless payment solutions have offered freedom by creating simple buying services irrespective of where you are. The rings represent an excellent innovation to their payment solutions.

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“Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff” Provides An Interesting Look At The Future

During the course of his professional career Sean Penn has been many things. He has acted, produced, written, and directed a number of movies and now he has released a new book- an unusual name, “Bob honey who just do stuff”- starting a career as a novelist. His acting has resulted in him winning a few Academy Awards for best actor, in fact. He has also appeared in the op-ed of a number of newspapers. He has also been a war correspondent and he has interviewed some famous politicians such as two presidents, Cuba’s Raúl Castro and Venezuela’s Hugo Chávez. He also interviewed Joaquín Guzmán, aka El Chapo, who was a Mexican drug lord prior to his imprisonment. He has also helped out after natural disasters, such as in 2010 when he helped out after Haiti was hit by a massive earthquake.

Sean Penn is now a published author with a new book out, “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff”, sent out by Atria Publishing Group. This book has been described by one critic as very funny look at a bleak future where a septic-tank salesman also works part-time as a United States Government contract killer. The New York Times compared it to some great satire of years past which has multiple layers to it.

He is currently on a book tour, including his home city of Los Angeles, California as well as Austin, Texas, and other major cities across America. He set writing a novel is different than writing a movie script. A movie script is collaborative while writing a novel more of a solo pursuit, like his development of Bob Honey who just do stuff.  He says that because they are collaborative when you write a movie script you will likely find stuff you are proud of but other parts you are disappointed in because you feel it should have gone differently. He appreciates now have something out there that is 100% his.

Sean Penn said that he’s past working with others and plans on pursuing being a novelist in the future instead of doing movies. He has said that Hollywood can get weary dealing with the people in it and then the burden added on due to all of the money that is involved in that industry.

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Academy of Art University Grad Makes it, and Wins, with “Coco”

Skulls, music and the Land of the Dead are all part of Pixar’s film “Coco,” of which Academy of Art University alum Daniel Arriaga was the character art director. “Coco,” about a young boy named Miguel’s quest to learn more about his family, won Best Animated Feature and Best Original Song for “Remember Me” at the 2018 Oscars.


In the Best Animated Feature Category, “Coco” beat out “Loving Vincent,” “The Breadwinner,” “Boss Baby” and “Ferdinand.”


For Best Original Song, competition was steep, with another song from “Coco,” and those from “The Greatest Showman,” “Marshall” and “Mudbound” in the running.


Weekly Opinion recently reported that Arriaga is proud of the finished film and all that was accomplished. He related closely to the film as it shows his cultural heritage; thus, keeping things authentic was a priority for him and his team.


“We really wanted to pay our respects to Dia de los Muertos and do it right,” Arriaga said, when he came back to speak at his alma mater in December 2017.


After five years of working on the film, including the difficult task of designing the skeletons to make them visually appealing, Arriaga has been able to savor his win and give back to the school that educated him.


Arriaga, class of ’01, studied illustration and art. Academy of Art University was the right place for him to hone his skills. Innovation and creativity come together at this school.


Picture bustling San Francisco as the backdrop to your studies, learning alongside passionate peers and honing your craft. The Bay Area is filled with numerous attractions, the perfect place for creative inspiration.


Dive into courses such as Script Analysis, Careers in Animation and VFX and Textile Techniques. Get moving on one of the 16 NCAA athletic teams. Be immersed in city life through your housing. Make connections for life.


With ambitious and creative students, and an undergraduate program which emphasizes communication and critical thinking skills, the sky is the limit. Arriaga made it, will you?


Learn more about Academy of Art University, and  admissions, and see where it can take you.



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