Healthy Living Theft of NutriMost’s Video: What does this Say about Them?

In every industry, however small, there has to be competition. Competition comes in many forms. As long as it’s fair, it’s allowed. In every industry, there will always be a thriving company, who is the trendsetter. The other companies will follow suit. Some will even try to imitate and copy everything the trendsetter does to the letter. This is illegal of course, especially in the case of directly copied adverts, like what happened to NutriMost recently.

The NutriMost System sued Healthy Living for plucking an advertisement video from their site, exactly as it was. The only thing they changed was the video link name. After being sued, a ruling was made in favor of NutriMost and Healthy Living was ordered to immediately take down the video. Initially, Healthy living decided to take a shortcut and just edit the video. However, they did take it down finally.

This whole thing scandal might have had negative effects of NutriMost business. However, there is an upside to the whole scandal. It shows that NutriMost are really good at what they do while portraying laziness and shoddiness on the part of Healthy Living.

NutriMost is known to offer some life-changing health programs. They have a weight control programs that enable people manage their weight in a healthy way. Embracing a new healthy lifestyle, they are bound to transform the lives of many people. They work with some of the most reputable nutritionists to give you a nutrition guide to follow and achieve your weight loss goals.

Many people, who have used the health programs by NutriMost testify that, their programs are really effective. Their program has helped many people with weigh control issues, lose weight within a very short time.


The Different Aspects of a Good Reputation

There is a lot that can influence one’s reputation. Among the things that could influence the reputation of a person are how he talks to people, how his business is run, and what people say about him overall. While actions is a good influence of reputation, word of mouth is generally the more powerful aspect of reputation management. After all, a lot of people are not going to know about a business unless they hear about it. This is especially true of an online business. It actually takes a lot of time to market a business as opposed to just building the business. This is why reputation management firms can be counted on in order to provide good content.

One online reputation management firm to look out for is Better Reputation. The clients of this company are highly skilled at not just spreading awareness of the client and his business, but also spreading positive information about the client. On top of that, the positive information about the client is true. Better Reputation takes the time to work with its client on a plan that will make sure that him and his business is going to experience a greater reputation.

Building and maintaining a good reputation is a lot of work, which is why no one should try to handle his own reputation all by himself. Reputation is very fragile in that one small slip up could destroy a good image of the person. As a result of the destruction of one’s reputation, he will lose business. IT may also take a while to rebuild the reputation because it could take a long time to get rid of a bad report that appears on the front page of the search results. However, with the right skills and planning, the bad report will be taken off the front page.

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Fabeltics: An Athleisure Brand You Can Afford

Are you an athleisure addict? Do you get excited when you hear the words “yoga pants?” If so, you’ve probably adopted this trend as your lifestyle. What’s important is that you have heard of the brand called Fabletics. Their spokeswoman and co-creator, Kate Hudson promotes the brand frequently and models their incredibly adorable clothing. In a recent interview with Marie Claire, she talks about some new additions that Fabletics took on to put a new spin on athleisure. These exciting new collections are sure to be a hit this summer.

Kate Hudson is no stranger to the Hollywood scene. She is one of the most fashionable actresses out there and a role model to many. Her promoting of Fabletics has proven a fine decision for the company. They are thriving and it’s clear that the athleisure trend is even more versatile than we all thought. They’ve introduced a line of dresses that are not only suitable for any occasion, but they are comfortable and have built in support comparable to that of the popular hosiery, Spanx. To say they are cute is an understatement- they are truly perfect for any occasion! Not only did they add dresses, but they’ve introduced a line of swimwear. With fun, flirty and sporty styles, these will definitely be your go-to suits this summer. They provide support in all the right places and will look so adorable! Source:

Fabletics is the perfect option for athleisure addicts. You can subscribe to receive a new athleisure outfit delivered to your door each and every month. The best part, you ask? The price. The price is so incredibly reasonable per outfit that you’ll question why you ever bought brands like LuLu Lemon and Nike before. The style of Fabletics are exclusive to the site so you won’t be finding these in your local retailers. See: You really can’t go wrong with Fabletics if you’re into athletic clothing, and a subscription is a perfect way to gradually create your perfect wardrobe. But, don’t forget- you can also purchase clothing whenever you’d like. You don’t have to subscribe to enjoy the amazing styles by Fabletics.

Ladies, Stop Dreading Summer With JustFab

Summer is a much anticipated time for most, but a painstaking reality for others. Women tend to lack in self-esteem throughout the year, and the need for revealing clothing in the summer time only worsens this fact. As women attempt to cover up in frocks, they let the blistering heat win, and they tend to suffer in an incredibly warm silence. Well, ladies, JustFab is here to tell you that you do not need to wear short shorts if you do not want to, and that there are fashions perfect for your body type that will keep you cool and looking absolutely killer, too!

Now, girls, nobody is disproving the fact that you can wear short shorts if you want to, but for those who want to take a different path, JustFab is perfect for them. Flowy dresses accent the curves of thicker women, allow for much-appreciated breezes, and improve the self-confidence of those who wear them drastically. Adding some pumps highlight the calf muscles that all women have, and create the illusion of a slimmer appearance. The best part, however, is that you will feel so comfortable in your own beautiful skin, you will not even care what you look like to the public! You are your own person, and JustFab uses that glorious fact to everybody’s advantage.

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JustFab Summer Shop

If pumps are your enemy, that is surely okay, because JustFab has a multitude of flats, including sandals and stylish sneakers. Septima, Yanna, and Elga are only a few of the styles offered for sandals, and each one of them is both fierce and comfortable. If you are like me, a new handbag can make all of life’s burdens disappear, and JustFab has plenty of cute ones that work well for every outfit and occasion. I’ll take a Teo handbag, please! 

Learn more about JustFab:

Fun Fashion with Fabletics Athletic Clothing

Life as a modern woman can feel like a drag – stressful, chaotic, and not a good time. Sometimes, exercising seems like something only actresses do in movies. Luckily, one of those famous actresses has a passion for inspiring the everyday woman to stay fit and have some fun! In 2013, Kate Hudson, Hollywood actress, mother, and fashion guru, teamed up with Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg, CEOs of JustFab, Inc., to create Fabletics. Fabletics is an activewear company geared towards younger women who want to live a healthy lifestyle, but don’t want to sacrifice their savings to look stylish while doing it. With the motto “Live Your Passion,” Hudson’s brand of clothing prides itself on quality, design, and message – that every woman should be able to hit the gym, pavement, or yoga class while feeling confident and comfortable. Check:

The line currently sells swim and activewear clothing and accessories, and has even branched into men’s activewear. After reading about their new Fabletics S/S’16 line of active wear on The Clothes Maiden, you’ll think this is too good to be be true. Once you take a peek at the collections at Fabletics, it’s impossible to resist trendy tops and bottoms perfect for your lifestyle. Kate Hudson’s eye for fashion is nothing to shrug at, either. With leek and minimalist designs, and a diverse selection of sizes, colors, and mix-and-match style, this brand gives customers activewear with celebrity style – without the steep price tag.

Fabletics offers a discounts and monthly deals on products when they enroll in a VIP Membership program; members get monthly deals up to half-off on outfits curated by Kate Hudson herself! The business understands that you know what’s best for you, and offers an opt-out option if you’d like to pass on buying for that month. Fabletics offers until a certain date to buy or pass, and if you don’t choose to purchase an outfit by a certain date, you buy $50 worth of store credit to use to assemble your own ensemble! Finally, affordable and cute clothes that take the stress out of keeping healthy.

The Benefits Of Beneful For Your Pet

Beneful by Nestle PurinaStore provides premium dog food and treats to keep your pet healthy and happy. Their food is packed with delicious and nutritious ingredients your dog will love. Beneful comes in a variety of flavord fs packed with wholesome components of real meat, protein, vegetables, and fiber. Pet owners can have their dogs on a well balanced diet.
Popular Brands Of Beneful

Beneful wet dog food [] comes in 20 varieties of flavors and real veggies and meat. Hearty Roasters comes with chunks of meat or thinly chopped choice blends of protein and flavor. Ingredients include barley, carrots, green beans and rice. Packaging comes in convenient 30 ounce sizes and larger 100 ounce bags.

Beneful Original dry good food comes packed with real salmon, chicken or beef. Real raised fish and poultry are added to each product. It is blended with whole grains and accents of vegetables. The original blend is availble on Amazon for adult dogs and comes in packaging 3,6, and as large as 44 lb bags.

Beneful Healthy Weight dry dog food is for those dog lovers that are interested in maintaining a safe weight for their pet. Your pet can thrive everyday off of a rich blend of real chicken and other wholesome ingredients. Healthy Weight blends comes with 10% less calories than other brands of Beneful. Your pet will love every bite of the mixture of tender and crunchy pieces brilliantly blended together. Beneful Healthy Weight will never mean your pet will have to sacrifice flavor for nutrition. Packaging comes in 3, 5, and 15 lb bags for customer convenience.

Beneful Ingredibites is designed to meet the nutritional values of your small dog. Little dogs have a specific diet and Beneful had that in mind with their real chicken blend for small dogs with tender and crunch bites blended together. It comes stock with 100% of the vegetables and protein packed in other blends of Beneful and packaging includes 3 and 15 lb bag sizes.



How White Shark Media will Get You a Free AdWords Evaluation

White Shark Media is a leader in digital marketing world. The company managed $36 million in ad last year spending over 300,000 emails and 35,000 reports. Therefore, if any client intend to create more traffic in his/her website using AdWords, then White Shark Media is his/her partner. Click here:

It is pretty easier for White Shark Media to get their clients a free AdWords evaluation. Normally, it doesn’t matter whether they have a campaign running or they’ve never implemented an AdWords before. A specialist from White Shark media will get you to create traffic to your site through the power of AdWords. But how will clients get a free AdWords evaluation?

Evaluations are performed by an approved AdWords specialist using During the AdWords evaluation, the client will be able to see the specialist screen, follow along with everything they are saying and doing. Everything will be explained comprehensively to ensure that the client gathers more knowledge than he started off with. Click the link below to read more:

At the end of the evaluations, they will have the chance of using to the knowledge to manage their campaign or they can ask White Shark Media to do it for them. Whichever way, the client will benefit.

AdWords management isn’t the only area that White Shark Media focuses on. The company also offers search engine optimization, search engine marketing among other online marketing services.

About White Shark Media

White Shark Media was established by Gary Garth, Andrew Lolk and Alexander Nygart formerly a simple boutique agency. It is the largest online marketing agency particularly targeting small and medium sized businesses.

Recognized as the most prolific digital agency in North America, the company’s growth is driven by its reputation of implementing cost effective Search Marketing campaigns couple with provision of top-class customer experience.

What was once a small boutique agency has grown into a well-known agency, helping thousands of company increase their customer base through its use of vast marketing tools and tactics.

The company being a consultancy agency, acknowledges that communication is an important aspect of its operation. To satisfy their complaining clients, White Shark Media have designed an online conference, GoToMeeting that allow them to share a screen with their clients such that whenever they go through the report and the AdWords account, then their clients can see the same thing.

This has eased communication earning praise from a number of their clients who worked with the company before the conference was established.

When Success Meets Technology: SHARP’s Partnership With QNET

As of May 27th, news outlets the world over were abuzz with the news of SHARP and QNET’s strategic partnership. I think, when you get right down to it, that all partnerships are of a strategic kind one way or another, the difference between the strategies stem from approach. Why has the partnership been made – to what end? And what will be the result? In this case, SHARP has decided to bring their innovative Plasma Cluster Air Purifier to QNET because of the voracious expansion this organization is currently in the midst of.

Among health and wellness products, QNET can boast 18 years’ experience as an industry leader. Though the company is based in Hong Kong, they’ve since expanded to a bevy of countries which include Iran, Saudi Arabia, India, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, the Philippines, Vietnam, Taiwan, Thailand, and more. With an influence in multi-level marketing platforms across such a variety of nations, there is security in QNET‘s foundations. Should one territory lose economy, there are other territories which can yet sustain direct-selling approaches. Furthermore, QNET’s focus on products which increase wellness and health – things that foster beatification and easy living cleanly and sustainably – matches ideally with SHARP’s own mission when it comes to technological development and progress.

The last thing I think is important to remember when one considers QNET is the corporate culture of recognition which surrounds the organization. As a multi-level marketing platform, there are many hitting the streets and spreading the good word regarding QNET products. This can be a difficult, though lucrative, enterprise, and so QNET makes sure to recognize those who are making a difference by spreading the influence of a direct-selling platform whose products are designed to better the environment, and those who must live in it.

Exciting things are on the horizon for QNET and SHARP. When products available to consumers aren’t just confetti, but actually better them psychologically and physically, there is a strong incentive for consumers to buy. It makes sense that QNET’s India division would call the online business community and shopping organization one of the “fastest-growing” and “largest” such organizations today. QNET’s reach extends to some of the most populated regions of the planet, and the services they extend offer an unprecedented opportunity for otherwise neglected individuals to utilize modern technological innovations. The benefits that come of this use aren’t tangential, but direct. QNET and SHARP’s merger portends good things.

Wengie Shows Off Pretty Platinum Locks With Dip-Dyed Blue After Special Treatment

YouTube beauty sensation Wengie from Australia has been obsessed with platinum hair since childhood, watching MTV music videos of Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera. She took her jet-black Asian hair and transformed into a flaxen princess with her favorite blue dip-dyed ends.

Wengie has this advice when fooling around with bleach, otherwise known as peroxide:

Damage will occur, but that today’s products and treatments make it a gentler experience, and all you have to do is keep up with the maintenance, because if you don’t, your hair will show the bad results. Being blonde is a committment; there’s no other way around it.

Wengie’s YouTube travels took her today to Stevie English, her favorite Aussie stylist for an Evox hair therapy treatment using high-tech fibroblasts that repair damaged strands from inside the cuticle.

Wengie has the molecular treatment applied to her hair after the colorless serum is mixed with water and turned into a gelatinous texture. Her stylist works it into the strands from the roots down to the ends. Liquid plasma is sprayed on Wengie’s strands, and then plastic wrap is placed over the head, and Wengie sits under a heated dryer to help speed up absorption of the special hair-healing fibroblasts.

The unique formula reinforces the hair’s internal structure making it shiny and strong, especially on bleached hair.

After time is up, Wengie’s blonde locks are spritzed with cold water to lock up the fibroblast effects and then blow-dried into a mass of gorgeous, silky, straight, strong locks.

Her stylist is amazed at the strength of Wengie’s newly replenished strands, pulling on it to show how healthy it is, without any hair snapping off.

Even Wengie’s fiance cannot get over how super soft Wengie’s hair feels and looks. He jokes that Wengie’s hair has never felt this nice, as it usually feels like he’s touching a bird’s nest.

For Wengie’s Lip Tint #2 Giveaway, Wengie asks YouTube subscribers to comment below on their favorite hair color ever seen on her.


Find out more about Wengie:

Easing Inmate Communication With Family Using Video App

PR Newswire recently published a story on Securus Technologies, on how it has been providing the civil and criminal justice systems technology solutions for quite some time. The solution offered by Securus are designed to help the justice system on matters to do with public safety, investigation, corrections and monitoring. In a recent announcement, Securus Technologies stated that it had introduced a mobile application that was to make inmate communications with friends and family more interesting. The app will enable inmates have video phone calls whenever they are interacting with their families.
The Android phone app has now been downloaded over 60, 000 times and people are actively using it while the Apple version which is less than a week old has over 5,000 downloads. According to Vice President of Marketing and Strategy of Securus Technologies, the Securus video visit will serve as a convenient way in which those who have been incarcerated can easily connect with their loved ones. This new option to the old visitation process has been received with a lot of enthusiasm and many believe it is an innovative step.

If one has an Android or Apple phone or a tablet they can easily use the app and thus special family moments such as sporting events, birthdays and holidays are shared. The app provides a better experience than what a normal phone call would. As long as there is cellular service and Wi-Fi one can comfortably use the app and there is no need to travel to the prison.

Securus America Technologies is based in Dallas, Texas and provides technology solutions to over 1,200,000 inmates. The services offered by Securus are incident management, communication, information management, inmate self-service and emergency response. The firm operates on the principle of connecting what matters. The company offers its services to inmates in North America. One can learn more about Securus Technologies through .

Watch the campaign video here:

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