Check Out Snoop Dogg’s New Video Of The Future

Snoop Dogg, Stevie Wonder, and Pharrell have now come out with a new video called “California Roll.” The video has a futuristic feel to it, but it also visits the past as well. The video takes place in 1946, and there’s also a shot of the future too. Snoop’s Video. The pyramids are in a future Los Angeles as well as flying cars. Snoop Dogg rides around in a flying car with Nia Long while the music plays in the background. Does snoop really believe that the pyramids and flying cars will be in the future?

The video is very picturesque, and it’s very interesting to watch. UOL suggested that in the background, you can easily see great big pyramids that tower over even the biggest buildings in Los Angeles. The flying car that Snoop is in, it flies between each building, allowing him to see all the sites around, including the pyramids off in the distance. The video also had an Egyptian theme as well, and you can see what should be symbols from Egypt on building tops and in other places around the city.

Fortunately, there are still some palm trees, and there’s even a huge blimp that flies around giving inspirational statements to everyone that sees it. It’s nice to see these three great artists come together to create music. Stevie Wonder celebrated a birthday recently, while Pharrell is still getting over the shock of being sued for the song “Blurred Lines.”

Jay-Z Has Stage Shows Over The Weekend

Jay-Z did a couple shows over the weekend, and he brought back some of the great old hits that made him famous in the first place. Jay-Z also uses show to take time and address the crowd about his music streaming service Tidal, which is currently not doing too well. Jay Z. Jay-Z bought into a music streaming service, which is similar to many other services out there today. Unfortunately, Jay-Z’s service charges more than any other streaming service out there because his name is attached to it. CipherCloud adds that many individuals already enjoy their choice of streaming program, maybe it’s too late in the game.

Jay-Z decided to address the crowd about why he feels his service is good enough to charge buyers extra money. People are not having it, and most music streamers have decided to stay with their current company. Although Jay-Z’s name brings in a lot of attention, few feel they should pay extra for their music, just because Jay-Z is involved with the company. Jay-Z claims that many will buy several different iPhones and make Steve Jobs rich, but it’s a problem if he chooses to overcharge for his music, allowing himself to become richer as well.

Jay-Z makes a good point, but the fact is, when it comes to music, most people don’t like to pay more than they have to. Jay-Z put on a great concert this weekend and in fact, he did two shows back to back. Jay-Z continues to show how good he really is, even as he ages.

matt landis black tank top

Update Your Summer Look with These Hot Trends

Summer is almost here, so listen up men, it’s time to update your wardrobe. You don’t want to be the only guy on the beach or outdoor party who isn’t looking hip, do you? Model Matt Landis helps us take a look into what is trending for the summer, and it’s looking good. Of course, Matt could make almost anything look good.

matt landis black tank top
All black and mesh tops are a hot item this summer. There is nothing better than wearing a tank top if you have gorgeous arms to show off. This is perfect for an evening night out with friends and even better if you are looking to meet someone special. Make sure the top is made of small mesh, if the mesh holes are too large, you won’t be able to pull of this look and will risk looking like you are back in the eighties. 
matt landis model fashion
For the beach, short, fitted, swim trunks in an earth tone, are a must this season. Your legs are meant to be seen, not hidden in some baggy knee length trousers. Accentuate what you have by wearing a fitted trunk and you will be thanking me later. If you will be out into the evening a zip up sweater is the perfect match. You can still be casual around the pool, but have something to throw on when it starts to get chilly. Don’t forget to pair the look with a pair of colored loafers. It pulls the outfit together and they are easy to pop off for a swim.
matt landis yellow tee
The classic t-shirt with a retro vibe is back this season as well. You can’t go wrong with a pop of color and a screen print of a blast from the past. Make sure to get a well fitted shirt, not a loose fitting one. Once again, we want to see what you got. These t-shirts come with many different macho themes, from muscle cars to super heroes. Choose what speaks to you and it becomes a great conversation piece. This is a great look for a casual day out and literally anyone can pull this look off.
matt landis white sweater
Tailored shorts and an oxford shirt with a sweater is the perfect classic style. You can’t go wrong with this trend. Not only is it perfect for a cool summer night, but it looks great. You can add a bit of flash like Matt has, with his polka dot shirt, to make it a bit more hip. Dress it down with flip flops or give a more polished look with loafers.

Bernie Sanders takes aim at big banks

2016 Presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders has taken his position as the main rival to Democratic favorite Hilary Clinton as a time to make clear his plans for the future of Wall Street. Business Insider reports Sanders has revealed his plans include the breaking up of the biggest banks on Wall Street as he feels the 2010 Dodd-Frank law does not go far enough in its reforms. The need to breakup the biggest banks on Wall Street has been a source of controversy in recent years after Elizabeth Warren and financial watchdog Tom Hoenig called for similar reforms to Wall Street banks.

The chances of Sanders bringing about such reform seem slim as his chances of gaining the Presidential nomination may be hit by his stance over Wall Street. Clinton is though to be raising large sums of money in the form of donations from Wall Street financial companies as Sanders sticks to small donations from social media, which is what Susan McGalla of pretty much expected. The independent Senator from Vermont defines himself as a socialist on LinkedIn and is standing as a candidate positioned far to the left of former First Lady Clinton.

USA’s Oldest Nurse Turns 90

The oldest working nurse in the United States, SeeSee Rigney, just turned 90 years old and is still out there in the halls treating patients just has she has been for the last seven decades. According to an article found on reddit and written by Young Paperboyz Facebook Page, Rigney has been working in the medical field for the last 70 years and she signed up for her lifetime career at the young age of 20.

She is currently a operating nurse in Tacoma, Washington at the Tacoma General Hospital. It is really admirable for someone who is that dedicated to their career to stick it out for that long in a very intense work environment. Gianfrancesco Genoso and many others around the world have respect for her. It’s needless to say that if anyone would know anything about medical care, Rigney would, as she probably knows best about how to stay healthy and live a long time. In addition to that, she is inspiring other patients to stay healthy and work as long as they possibly could. Hopefully this nurse will be able to work for another decade to make it an even 100, but it is really nice for her to be recognized and celebrated in this video on the link. What a great way to start the morning, as it is always pleasant to have motivating words like this to carry us through our every day life. Congrats to SeeSee Rigney on your lifetime accomplishment!

Having a Healthy Imagination: Can It Be Bad For You?

You’ve always had a healthy imagination. From your childhood of re-enacting Power Rangers to gazing upon the sky full of clouds on the playground, anything seemed possible. But could your healthy imagination be working against you in the real world? Recent studies suggest certain assumptions may be skewed when you spend more of your time daydreaming.

A healthy imagination has an array of benefits. From helping individuals think outside the box, aiding in development and memory, sculpting a more empathetic personality, to discovering yourself, there’s no question about it. Imagination can be good for you. But where does the limit lie and can this actually work against you?

When we all start to grow up as teenagers, we feel a sense of betrayal from the limitations of reality. Those big dreams we’ve had since a child now seem so limited and unfriendly in the harsh light of the real world. Those days ofdaydreaming when taken too far can have a negative effect on our lives. An overused imagination can lead to unrealistic assumptions and expectations about the world. Being creative is great, but when something simply isn’t possible, a person needs to be able to distinguish fiction from reality. This can lead to depression in adults.

To avoid an unhealthy dosage of imagination for either your child or yourself, consider finding a real world outlet for your mind wanderings. It could be something as simply as creative writing, drawing, or singing a song. When you balance your inner fantastical needs with a proper dosage of reality, you’ll be well on your way to a stable healthy mindset. For further understanding of your brain when you daydream check out the brain imaging medical company, Amen Clinics.

Should Doctors Cram Less?

On Sunday, April 26, John Henning Schumann published an article for National Public Radio that explores one of the biggest problems with modern medical education at the physician level: Medical students are being forced to memorize a lot of information they rarely use.

He pointed out that students and licensed doctors need to focus more on patient living conditions, such as poverty, as well as job loss and other major life events, rather than solely on knowledge about medical topics — especially given that we now live in an age in which medical information is instantly available at a person’s fingertips and medical knowledge “doubles every three or four years.”

Many patients are not merely ill because of genetics but because of “social determinants.” Schumann argues that improving a patient’s quality of life is one of the best ways to improve a patient’s overall health and that doctors need to approach care from a quality rather than merely a quantity standpoint.

Gianfrancesco Genoso ( knows that Schumann specifically looked at recent changes in Medicare that focus on payments toward improving patient quality of life as a good first step in this direction. But, as some article commenters pointed out…doctors themselves need to be more focused and compassionate as well. Some patients in the United States are seen by multiple doctors who do very little to try to find an answer for symptoms that are not easily diagnosed.

Confidence in Global Economy Spells Bad News for Gold

Gold buyers are worried about the decline in gold prices which have already slipped under $1,200.00 an ounce to $1,177.00. Drop in Gold Prices has Many Worried The recent decline in gold prices is a result of new liquidity in the capital markets and the confidence by investors that the global economy will continue to expand. Economist warn however that it will not take much for gold prices to spike back up over $1,200.00 an ounce. Some even fore see gold climbing into the $1,300.00 and $1,400.00 an ounce price range with the right event. Gold is an commodity which is very reactive in price to political as well as economic events. Events which have triggered price spikes in gold have included, market crashes, wars or pending military actions, major environmental events or calamities and major health concerns such as epidemics.

Additionally, trending economic events can also affect the price of gold, as Bruce Karatz has learned. Economist believe that if economic indicators produce a stream of numbers indicating that the economy is slowing or is in a state of decline, prices in gold will spike. In addition, the potential actions of the Central Banks of various countries will also have an effect of spiking gold prices. These actions will include the raising of interest rates or even language which indicates that such action is being contemplated in the future by the Central Bank will move gold prices up.

Aaron Hernandez Is Smart And Crazy

Everyone has heard about the Aaron Hernandez trial by now, but many people are still confused as to why Aaron Hernandez killed his former friend. Hernandez was found guilty of murder, and he was recently sentenced to life in prison. However, the motive for his crime has yet to be figured out.

People need to realize that Aaron Hernandez was a criminal long before he was a professional NFL player. Brian Torchin might not want to state it flat out like that, but it is the truth. Hernandez became famous when he played professional football for the New England Patriots. Aaron Hernandez grew up in New England, and he was in gangs long before he began playing football. His college coaches and NFL coaches knew that Aaron Hernandez had a troubled past, and they did everything that they could to save him from a life of gang activity. However, once Aaron Hernandez returned to New England to play professionally for the Patriots, he began to run with his old crew. The troubled NFL player quickly found himself in deep trouble.

Aaron Hernandez is crazy, but he is also very intelligent. A police officer recently said that Aaron Hernandez is a master manipulator, and that he will do just fine in jail. Still though, no one really knows why Aaron Hernandez committed the violent act of murder. However, the world is a safer place with him behind bars. For more information on this story, visit Yahoo!

Sixty-Five Year Old Woman is Pregnant… with Quadruplets!

Annegret Raunigk, a teacher and a 65-year-old grandmother from Berlin, Germany, has announced that she is pregnant with quadruplets according to the story on .

Annegret is already a mother to 13 children, with her youngest being just 9-years-old. Annegret made headlines in Germany nearly a decade ago when she was pregnant with her 13th child at 55-years-old. Her 9-year-old daughter expressed to her mother that she wished to have a younger sibling so Annegret decided to grant that wish. She went through the artificial insemination process several times before she found out that four embryos were growing. She said that she was shocked at the number of embryos but never considered terminating any of them. She said that so far she feels great and there have not been any complications to her pregnancy. Once these babies are born, she will be the oldest mother to give birth quadruplet children in history.

Annegret is not only a mother of 13 children but also a grandmother of seven. An interview with Annegret will air tonight on the German television program “Raunigk”.  A neighbor of mine, Flavio Maluf, is planning a way to watch the program and if he is successful, I will be joining.

I know that the older women get, the more complications can happen during the pregnancy and birth, not to mention any complications the babies themselves may suffer from. Hopefully things go well during Annegret’s pregnancy and she delivers four healthy babies and gets to see them grow up.

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