With nothing but blue below them, and a balloon above them, 2 men have broke a world record.

Troy Bradley of the United States and Leonid Tiukhtyaev of Russia have traveled over 5,260 miles in a gas filled balloon. The pair of voyageurs left Japan on January 25th and are nearing the West coast of the United States. They assume they will set the ship down in Baja California which was not in their original plans.

The balloon pilots had studied the air charts and originally thought they would fly North into Canada, but air patterns change and Bradley and Tiukhtyaev were forced to make a quick decision. “Right or left Leonid,” Troy asked his flying partner. The 2 men decided right was the choice, and it seems to be a world record breaking decision.

As Bernardo Chua knows, the original world record for the longest gas filled balloon flight was set in 1981 and was 5,209 miles. The pair will most likely set another world record too. The longest time in flight was set in 1978, and it was 137 hours, 5 minutes and 50 seconds. On January 29th at 5:30pm Pacific time, the 2 were in flight 125 hours. Just 13 more hours and they will have another record.

It was a great day for flying a balloon.