Visual search is one of the many exciting technology trends in E-commerce. Although the technology is not new, it is finding a new life in e-commerce mobile apps and websites. This owes to the fact that it ‘reads’ the images to recognize shape, size, color, proportions and even texts to identify the product and brand names. This gives a wide advantage over the key-word matched search in that results are only good as the searcher’s capability to describe an item.

In keyword search, keywords must be in both the query and the product’s description. Else, the page’s metadata. A match greatly depends on product copy fully describing the product in a similar way.

The web’s usability maxim ‘don’t make me think’ is gratified by visual search when a picture is of a thousand keywords. On mobile apps, visual search taken from pictures can result to accurate and quicker results.
Visual search can also enhance keyword search. The visually similar items feature on Google shopping’s gives the users a very relative way to search deeper.

Another advantage is that some retailers build visual search apps for specific categories only. Whereas amazon is taken to be ‘show rooming app’, any retailer who offers visual search in mobile applications can combat mushrooming and even benefit from customers show rooming other various retail shops. With visual search, almost anything can be snapped to shop from the world. One does not have to be in the retailer’s digital store or vicinity to access the products. The whole world is a showroom now, and specifically with snap-to-buy function.

Slyce is one of the leading visual search providers. It integrates with the Globe’s leading retail brands to provide their shoppers with the capacity to find the things that simply inspire them by taking a snap of a photo with their smartphones. It offers a variety of customizable services for all the visual search needs that one may need.

Slyce automatically tag products within the customer’s photos. Their system handles everything right from photo moderation to the product ID to a URL embeddable ‘Lookbook’ for the ecommerce sites. Their technology enables a match for billboard advertisements and physical print. Users snap photos of what is of interest to them in a branded website or branded app and get more information or even create a transaction.