Art forgeries have gotten better over the years. The art world is a mixture of greed, pride and ambition. Artists as well as collectors want to attract wealth and some sort of recognition. Some investors buy art for its investment potential rather than its aesthetic merit. Since some art collectors are so focus on making a profit rather than the essence of the work, it’s not surprising that frauds and forgers flourish in the art world. Collectors usually buy works based on the artist and the quality of the work, so good forgers can deceived the most knowledgeable collector as well as an art appraiser.

Art forgery is out of control in the art world. Some appraisers won’t appraise some valuable paintings for fear they will be duped by a forger. There are forgers in the art world that can duplicate an original painting so well, even the original artist may have a difficult time exposing it. Some unscrupulous art dealers work with forgers especially if the original artist is deceased. The dealers make a huge profit and the forger pockets some serious money from his fraudulent intentions.

Most serious collectors hire art advisors so they avoid forgeries. Adam Sender (LinkedIn)
was so enamoured with the art world that he closed his New York hedge fund business and decided to become an art connoisseur. Sender collected more than 800 pieces of art over a 20 year period, and he recently sold some of his collection for $70 million. None of those works were forgeries thanks to Todd Levin. Todd Levin is an art advisor that work very closely with Sender. Both men were aware that the New York art community had forged works of art in some galleries. Both men did their homework before purchasing art work and their diligence paid off. Sender’s collection is completely original. There are no forged copies or fakes in the Sender collection.

Not all serious collectors are as fortunate as Sender. Some collectors paid thousands for fakes and never know it. That’s why it is important to find an appraiser and an art advisor that knows how to identify frauds and forgeries.