Frans Schoeman is a man not new to the corridors of justice in the Republic of South Africa. Frans Schoeman is an experienced lawyer who has a firm belief that every solution needs a level of ingredience so as to work best. He is a partner at Joubert Schoeman Attorneys and together with his partner, they have a combined thirty five years of experience with his being twenty-one. The law firm prides itself as being among the few in the republic to have the experience and ability to handle each case with finesse.

Frans Schoeman on newsvine is a director of a law firm that is proud to be associated with different commercial businesses that are well endowed with a solid base that consists of limited and unlimited companies that are national and international as well. His law firm is also proud to be associated with many successful results that involve multi-million rand law suits with the highest being an arbitration award that exceeded R12O million. Frans and all his law firm employees and director subscribe to the bigger is not necessarily better school of thought. They are also staunch believers that all cases need to be given equal attention and precision regardless of whether they are for big clients or otherwise.

The firm’s largest professional commitment remains service and it is precisely the reason that they ensure that all professional mandates to their areas of expertise are adequately addressed so as to encourage and foster better engagements with their clients. The firm is not confined to offering service to only a few areas of practice. Among the areas the firm deals in include administrative law, labor law, municipal law, environmental law, intellectual property, debt recovery, corporate due diligence, insolvency, family law, medical law and others.

Frans has an undying passion for philanthropic matters related politics, science and technology, education, environment, human rights, children as well as arts and culture. He is a graduate of the University of Free State in 1990 with a Bachelors in Law degree. In the firm, he is in charge of overseeing the due diligence, constructing all complicated legal mergers, drafting and negotiating contract procurement issues as well as offering general law advice.

Frans belongs to the creme de la creme of the South African legal industry. His trademark no-nonsense attitude on the courtrooms has been evident since the time he started practicing. He is also well known among his peers as someone who has an eye for detail. Throughout his career, he has exhibited high levels of professionalism and honesty towards his clients and its no wonder his services are still in high demand even after being in practice for over twenty one years.

He can easily be used as an exemplary example to young law students as a lawyer who has a signature case winning style that is made possible by his hard work and brilliance. With Frans in practice, South African clients can rest assured that all their legal needs will be meticulously and professionally tended to at all times.