The loves for the late pop of star Michael Jackson is the reason behind his many memories. Several people knew Michael Jackson and pop music. Others heard of his flash lifestyle and followed him. Unfortunately, the king of pop died in 2009 in his Los Angels’ mansion.
Michael legacy did not go down with his demise. Several people tried to impersonate him and carry on his memories. Some went to the extent of plastic surgery to imitate the late star. But something like voice is unchangeable. The love for Michel did not go well with his fan upon his death announcement. Among the great fans who loved Michael and liked to be like him is Sergio Cortes. He has the best look alike of Michael Jackson. The voice of the late star and the dancing style are carried on by Sergio Cortes

On the most recent interviews with the greatest impersonator of Michel Jackson, Sergio opened up that the love for Michel grew since childhood. His mother took him to the Jackson 5 group show where he had the chance to meet the famous pop singer. Since then, Sergio started on a career of being like his greatest artist. He currently has a huge follower up in his Face book account most of the followers were the fan of the late pop star.
The career of being Michel Jackson has not been comfortable especially for the distinctive dancing styles and flashy lifestyle. Sergio has grown to outdo all the difficulties and he the best impersonator of Michael Jackson. He once received an invitation during his young age to pose for photos dressed like Michel. It became the booster of his morale as he put on more effort to achieve his dreams
The people who closely associate with Sergio say he is a humble guy. He is very inspiring and to make a big career out of the famous star lifestyle is encouraging. The little time he took to meet Michael when he was young has paid well for Sergio. He has performed in several countries on the tribute to Michel Jackson show. Sergio is 43 years old. He was born is Spain but is catching the American fans of the late star king.
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