Doe Deere doesn’t make any promises that she will follow the cosmetic rule book. Anyone that has seen her Lime Crime makeup products should not expect her to follow the rules. She is a rebel in the cosmetics industry, and she is doing what she wants. This is the young CEO that doesn’t follow the trail that has been set by others. She follows no one.

This is what the fans of Doe Deere love about her. She is this type of humorous CEO that wears her own products. That is rare because most people do not even know the CEO of Cover Girl or Sephora makeup products. No one really knows who is behind Mary Kay know that the founder is no longer in place. With Lime Crime you don’t have to ask. You can be certain that Doe Deere is the one that is promoting her own products. This is a strong way to gain customer loyalty. It helps people stay familiar with the brand. This also lets people see that this is a brand that is endorsed by the person that created it. This is hard to find at times because so many people look for celebrities to endorse products. Doe Deere saves herself a ton of money on marketing by promoting her brand on her own.

She doesn’t really need superstars on the payroll for Lime Crime or Unicorn makeup though. She has the ability to sell this without a lot of marketing. This has a lot to do with her wildly successful Internet campaign. She is doing so much through social media. It doesn’t make a lot of sense to spend heavily on television or magazine advertising. Her customer base is young, and young people don’t read magazines. They log on to websites. Young people don’t spend a lot of time watching television. They download their movies and television shows through torrents if they are not streaming. Doe Deere is a young person so she knows this. She knows how to reach the younger crowd because she is part of it.

This gives her the ability to establish a brand on her own terms. She has done something bold and created makeup brands that look different from what is on the market. This has been her claim to fame, and the abstract colors are gaining a large audience.