Say it isn’t so! Lingerie giant Victoria’s Secret recently announced that after this year, they will no longer be selling swimwear. Victoria’s Secret has been a major swim retailer for years now, even recently hosting annual swim specials along with their annual fashion show on According to Buzzfeed News the company plans to, at least in part, replace empty store space with activewear.

This news comes after L Brands, Victoria’s Secret parent company, announced lower than average sales this past August. L Brands had previously stated that swimwear brings in $500 million in revenue each year. CEO of L Brands Les Wexner released a statement earlier this month saying that the company is “making these changes to accelerate our growth and to strengthen the business for the long term by narrowing our focus and simplifying our operating model on” This comes as a major upset to women everywhere who shop Victoria’s Secret swimwear for the hottest bikinis every year.

What does this mean for us mere mortals? Where can we turn for the best bikinis now? Maybe another retailer will step up and take over the void left by Victoria’s Secret. How amazing would it be if JustFab decided to added swimwear to their selection of shoes, handbags and jewelry? JustFab is a very popular online clothing retailer where after taking a short style survey, you are matched up with a selection of shoes, purses, apparel and jewelry, all tailored to your unique style. JustFab looks are styled by celebrity stylists, and you only pay for the looks you want. If JustFab decided to add bikinis to the mix, I think their popularity could skyrocket. As far as I know there are not currently any discussions about making this happen, but if just maybe if we band together and get the idea out there *wink wink JustFab* they might just run with it.

For now it looks like we will just have to stock up on all the Victoria’s Secret swimwear we can and hope that someone, somewhere can fill their shoes one day. Now please excuse me while I join women everywhere and cry..