Patty Rocklage has over two decades of experience as a marriage and family therapist. She graduated from USC in 1981 and soon after she received her licensed of operation in Massachusetts. She currently lives in Sudbury, Massachusetts.

She has gained experience in counseling and also dealing with different family issues that people face today. What is interesting is that she treats each and every case individually. Even though the tools that she uses are the same, she will personalize them to fit your situation. That is what has made her successful in the sector.


According to Patty Rocklage, there are many reasons that cause a couple and a family to grow apart, and they include; miscommunications, misunderstandings, infidelity, financial issues, jealousy, children, teenage rebellion among others. She says that the problems originate from the parents and later spill over to the children. That is the reason why addressing the issues as soon as they surface can help in establishing a greater relationship between the parents and the children.

There are different types of families from single mom families to same-sex marriages. She knows that the different families experience similar problems, but the approach should be different. The method you use on a single mom or dad family is not the same one that you will use on a nuclear family. She has designed different approaches that are suitable to her different clients.

Yes, she has gained the theoretical knowledge from school. But, what makes her great at what she does is that she uses her own life lessons to counsel her clients.

Her approach is to talk to all the parties involved and try and figure out the common issue. She then works with each individual so that they can all understand their role in the conflict. This helps the members of the family to identify the problem together and find a solution. There are also different exercises that she offers for the family and the couples to do at home.

Patty has advised the marriage partners to resolve an issue immediately it occurs. This is because if they let to linger, it is going to cause more problems in the marriage and eventually the family. When the parents fight, the whole family is disoriented. That is why addressing the issue first hand is important. It is crucial for them to also seek the services of a therapist. Therapists will help them see the issue from a third eye.


Patty reads a lot, and that is what has kept her informed of the different therapy treatments that can be used to deal with the different family issues. The knowledge that she has gained, she applies to the real life situation and then develops different therapy plans.