The fashion industry is changing along with technology all through the years. In fact, both these industries tend to grow together. There are many examples demonstrating this. It is important to know the past and the present to see what lies ahead.

Technology can be used in fashion in order to protect us. People avoid wearing bike protection as it is not fashionable. But something like the Airbag for Cyclists is highly fashionable as it can be worn around the neck. There will be an airbag popping out of this neckwear in the case of an impact. Besides, it offers much better visibility than wearing a helmet.

Fashion and technology are being used together to create energy. Movement can be turned into electrical energy. Hence newly created cloth is able to capture this kinetic energy. This can power things like a watch, a mp3 player, Walkman and so on. There is work going on in working out a prototype for shoes that can charge a cell phone while one is walking or running wearing those shoes.

There are many people involved in this fusion of fashion and technology. One of them is Chris Burch. He is a serial entrepreneur. He has a highly diverse business background. His interests lie in a wide range of industries that include fashion, technology, as well as real estate.

Burch had started his career as an undergraduate. This was at Itchica College. This was when he started Eagles Eye apparel along with his brother Bob. This soon grew to a $165 million business. Then Burch sold this business.

Chris Burch is the principal of Burch Creative Capital. Its brand portfolio includes ED by Ellen DeGeneres, Poppin, Cocoon9, as well as Nihiwatu.

There are times when technology needs assistance in order to gain popularity from fashion. Wearing glasses was never fashionable. The same applied to Google Glass too. Hence models started to wear these on the catwalk. Fashion shows expose people to the latest styles as well as trends. This made people accept the new technology behind Google Glass. This way advances in technology can benefit the world of fashion too.

Hence fashion and technology can grow together in a way to help each other out. This way they make each one the best. Technology creates beautiful fashions that are functional too. This is where the excitement of tomorrow lies making this world a more beautiful place to live in.