Communication is a big part of the security system that must be monitored in prisons and correction agencies. Telephones allow for many ways for inmates to further their crime plans, move drug contraband forward, but it also allows for them to contact their families, children, friends. Investing in communication with security and practicality is important.


Securus Technologies is a company that is specialized in creating and developing new technologies for these agencies to implement in their facilities, as well as improving existing traditional techniques. Security, as the name suggests, is the primary focus of the company, allowing agents to monitor telephone calls and chats in case of suspicion of any crime being committed.


They are a leading corporation that provides solutions in preventing crimes and malicious plans from getting any further through their network. The crimes that their technology prevents aren’t only those that happen away from the walls of the facility, but Securus Technologies has already feedback on how it helped agents to stop violence between inmates.


On average, there is a new solution being developed by their research team every week. This includes new technologies that further their influence away from the traditional telephone communication, new improvements of the monitoring software that is used by agencies to hear and inspect phone calls from inside the office, among other activities.


Securus Tech has received very positive feedback from facility customers and asked them to comment on the service that Securus has been providing many years and to evaluate their equipment as well.


Feedback was insanely positive. Among the commentaries that the group received, most of them were focused on telling how the technology helped them solve inmate crimes that were just under their noses. There is even a commentary on how the communication network helped catch a corrupted staff and drug contraband.


Securus Technologies is continuously improving their equipment, and any interested facility can contact them at their official website: