When the spring season arrives, it’s sometimes hard to find a flavor of lip balm that I enjoy. Everything seems to sit on my lips instead of coating them in a way that I enjoy because my lips dry out. EOS has a line of lip balms that provide the moisture that I need. My favorite flavor for spring and summer is the passion fruit. It comes in a beautiful purple container and has an intoxicating scent when I open the lid. The EOS lip balm has vitamin E in it, which keeps my lips from getting chapped. The passion fruit is a flavor that tends to have a few different fruits all in one.   More of EOS on walgreens.com

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Another spring flavor that I enjoy is the strawberry. It’s like have strawberry fields on my lips. I can compare the taste and scent to a strawberry milkshake as there is a hint of cream. When I wear the strawberry lip balm, others notice the aroma as it’s a bit stronger than some of the others that I usually wear. Follow EOS on facebook.com.  One of the things that I enjoy is that even though the flavors and scents are prominent, I don’t have to worry about the product staining my lips because the lip balms are clear.  Hit on amazon.ca for details.

For more of EOS visit https://www.evolutionofsmooth.de/