The Goettl brand of air conditioning repair and servicing technicians has been at the heart of the Las Vegas community for around half a century and recently made a triumphant return to the city in a bid to once again become one of the leading HVAC and plumbing services in Nevada. Goettl has been enjoying a resurgence in fortunes under latest owner Ken Goodrich and placing a focus on bringing the latest technology to the people of Las Vegas; the latest technology being developed by Goettl is the use of zone heating that allows the people of any property to heat specific areas of a home to heat or cool a home.


Zone heating was discussed by Goettl manager Michael Gamst as he completed another amazing community based project for the Las Vegas based Stephenson family who have spent a number of years struggling to heat and cool their home. The family have a number of teenage children who have also had to live without a working toilet for a number of years and the Treble5Teens charity brought the Goettl brand to the family to complete their work free of charge.


Goettl has engaged with the local community on a number of levels, which includes making moves to ensure the latest technicians making their way to the company are trained in the best possible way; a partnership with the College of Southern Nevada has grown up with a number of donations and scholarships growing up with the aid of owner Ken Goodrich.


The development of the Goettl brand should continue with the group looking to continue its growth across Las Vegas with a series of mergers, such as the recent linkup with Las Vegas Air that has seen a number of trucks and technicians added to the company for both the commercial and residential sectors.