Susan McGalla has led quite an interesting life. She has managed to maneuver her way through a ton of challenging situations and build a real presence in the marketing industry. Her zest for marketing has put her on the right track. She is a stellar business leader, and women are quite pleased with the progress that she has made.

McGalla strongly believes that it was her confidence in her skills that took her to the top. She is aware that her degree in marketing would be the thing that helped her get a proverbial foot in the door, but her confidence in what she was doing would seal the deal. McGalla would become this leader in the business world that many people looked up to. She had the knowledge, and she also possessed the power to change the way that businesses functioned. All of her business skills have been an essential part of what she needed in order to help companies like Wet Seal and American Eagle build brand awareness. As a marketing specialist, she realized that this was the best way that her companies could gain a competitive advantage. She worked her way up the corporate ladder, but she started in early positions where she was in sales.

Susan McGalla speaks to women about how hard they must work in order to build their careers. She has spoken to the masses about what it takes to be a leader. She knows how to help any corporation, big or small, develop a fan base. Her magic worked for the American Eagles Outfitters crowd, and she has plans as the director of creative strategy for the Pittsburgh Steelers that can also change the fan base for this franchise. She has specialized in building brands for many years. This is one thing that she is very familiar with.

McGalla has taken hold of what it means to be a woman in the business world. She has done everything that one can imagine to break the barriers between men and women in business. Now she is urging other women to take the baton.

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