Many companies are trying to dominate the correctional space in the United States, which is firmly occupied by Securus Technologies for last many years. The company has contributed majorly to the development of correctional industry and ensuring that the end-users can get innovative and efficient services that weren’t available earlier on. The company has made major progress in the last few years, especially after Rick Smith became the company’s Chief Executive Officer. Rick Smith has done some very significant changes in the company’s business structure and policies, which has helped the company to dominate the correctional sphere for almost three decades.


Securus Technologies has its headquarters and first Technology Center situated in Dallas, Texas, but also has its regional offices in Allen, Carrollton, and Atlanta. The company has been planning major expansion spree for quite some time, and soon, the products and services offered by the Securus Technologies can be expected to be available in many different states and regions across the United States. The company also provides a broad range of inmate communications and prison technology products and services to correctional facilities in the District of Columbia and Canada. Securus Technologies has helped in providing the prisoners a cheap and efficient manner for communicating with their friends and family members.


One of the most recent products launched by Securus Technologies that is being loved by inmates across the country is video visitation service. Securus Technologies believe that technology can play a huge role in bettering the lives of the incarcerated people, and inmate communications are the primary focus of the company. Securus Technologies believe that it would become much easier for the inmates to spend their tenure in the jail if they can frequently connect and communicate with the outside world through the inmate communication and other associated services of Securus Technologies.