The Cancer Treatment Centers of America, in partnership with Nanthealth and Allscripts, is introducing a new way on how to monitor the treatment of a cancer patient without disrupting the flow of the physicians’ clinical tasks. An operating system called NantOS was developed, and it has a built in record of all the data collected from various oncologists worldwide that would assists physicians in treating their patients with cancer. The most recent cancer research studies are also included in this new platform, and some of the features it provides are the following:


  • Customized treatment suitable for the patient’s schedule and lifestyle, as well as the present condition of their disease
  • A comprehensive comparison between all available treatment options, along with their price tags
  • Order entry available using touch screen technology
  • Treatment being mapped and shown to the physicians through the use of networks to ensure that the proper procedures are being followed
  • Access to up to date guidelines and references
  • Clinical data support
  • Processes are happening in real time

With this new platform being introduced, it is seen that physicians would be the first one to be relieved, as the problems dealing with incorrect cancer treatment procedures would now be prevented. It would also educate the patients about their disease, and how they can take care of themselves. Oncologists worldwide are very optimistic about this new innovation in the field of cancer treatment, and they are hoping that through the use of this new system, cancer patients would be able to survive the disease. Scientists are still working hard presently to update the data that are being uploaded to the system. If there will be changes with the treatment procedures, these information will be automatically uploaded so that the patients will have instant access to this vital information that will help them recover.