The meeting of Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg eventually brought about some successful brands. The brands can blend technology, the demand of the consumer, and fashion. Adam had already gotten into the world of business at a tender age of 15. He developed a site where gaming companies could use for advertising. He later sold the site to Intermix Media and continued to remain active in it. He dropped out from high school so that he could be the VP and COO of his firm. Don met Adam as he was also selling his site to Intermix Media. His site was focused on fitness and helped various businesses to raise their capital. The two became great friends and began many online businesses. They then decided to focus on fashion and beauty as there was a high demand for both.


These two got inspired from two main factors that drive the success of a product; the pain points and the trend. They realized that one thing that mainly annoyed the consumers was that there was no simple way to find the exact things they want. Finding the right size or colors needed them to spend numerous hours to go through e-commerce sites, or going from store to store in a mall. They two then decided to come up with an online fashion service. TechStyle and JustFab became very successful. The members became attracted to the great promotional offers.


Fabulous was the best name for Adam and Don to go for. They use the diverse mix of women of all the sizes to indicate that there is no one they do not support. The items sell well as they have high-quality fabrics. They add to the promotional offers by giving the members some exclusive discounts. The two also worked with Kate Hudson to market their athletic line. These clothes have been carefully designed so that they fit women of all sizes.


Since it began in 2013, the company has grown to have over one million VIP members. The company Fabletics began to open several brick-and-motor stores all over the nation so that they support their brand. Technology is the main base of all shopping. The software that they use for brick-and-mortar is uniquely innovative. This has helped it to benefit the company and the customers. The members are usually automatically scanned once they get into the store. When they enter, they are given recommendations depending on their profile thus making shopping easier and very effective.