Brazil is famous for its strict legal system. What is more, becoming a lawyer requires patience as it involves many years of study. With attorneys assuming the better part of Brazil’s economy, it is factual that the duties of an attorney in Brazil encompass commitment as well as passion. That is why in Brazil, lawyers are highly regarded for their input. To become an attorney in this country, an individual must spend approximately five years in the university. It is projected that approximately 33% of Brazilians are lawyers with most of practicing in Sao Paulo.


The history of Brazilian law roots from different legal systems. For an individual to qualify as a lawyer, there is the Ordem dos Advogados that must be passed in the bar examination. The first constitution in Brazil was embraced in 1988. The same constitution derives its clauses from French, Italy as well as Portuguese. In Brazil, legal assistance can be found online. When discussing the legal system in Brazil, one name always comes up. Ricardo Tosto never ceases to amaze the world with his input in this country. He has set a competitive pace for the youth. A highly regarded lawyer who majors in critical issues, Ricardo Tosto is a role model in many ways.


Ricardo Tosto is a noticeable figure as a legal counselor. He administers his skills in remarkable sectors. Through proper execution, Ricardo Tosto has won the hearts of many clients. He is an honorary member of the Brazilian legal industry and has been building the economy through his practice. As a highly valued prosecutor, Ricardo Tosto majors in banking contracts, organization restructuring, and reorganization, bankruptcy as well as election law. Ricardo understands the needs of his clients even before a case is filed. Being a Brazilian, he is well versed with the nature of cases most clients present. He crafts the cases using his experience in the market. That is how he has been able shape the legal system in Brazil. As a humble man whose project began from a boutique office, Ricardo is on the right track. Having worked as a legal advisor, manager and human resource facilitator at the prestigious Grupo Rede, Ricardo is a role model.