Richard Smith is the CEO at the renowned Securus Technologies. The company is among the top technologies that are used to protect the community today. Securus has specialized at solving both civil and criminal justice technologies. Recently, Rick Smith postulated that Securus Technologies is important in aiding law enforcement and solving crimes at ground level to prevent them from becoming much bigger problems. He also acknowledges the fact that several clients have sent emails, letters, and other posted in the social media accounts showing appreciation and gratitude to the company for their sustainability and steady services supply. The objective of Securus Technologies that benefited most of its clients was protecting the society as a whole be it the families or inmates. Making sure that the company’s DNA Is safe is equally pivotal in protecting the community.

Securus Technology is a prison technology company. To make it simpler, Rick Smith, the head of the firm has the primary objective of preventing crime both in the free world and in prison among the inmates. Before coming to Securus, Rick was part of Eschelon Tech Inc. While in Eschelon, he served in different roles. The most important of them all was being the president of the firm which he was appointed in 2000. He served in this post for three years before being appointed to a more senior role of Chief Executive Officer. Throughout his illustrious career, Rick Smith has served in diverse positions such as Chief Executive Officer, controller, Chief Information officer, and president.In 2008, Rick was appointed to the board of Securus. Gradually, Rick ascended from post to post till he reached the premium position. In 2009, the board chose Rick to be the Chairman of the institution. Solid academic background motivated Rick’s ascent.

Rick boasted an associate degree in Applied Science in Electrical Engineering from Rochester Institute of Technology. He later progressed to attain his master’s degree from the reputable State University of New York located at Brockport. These are just but a sample of the degrees held by Rick Smith.Rick Smith has a committed team of employees at Securus Technologies who have both high intellectual capacity and unlimited experience in the technology field. Rick together with his staff of employees is dedicated to taking the performance of prison activities especially security camera footage to the next level. Also, the technology in Securus also enables all the inmates to stay in touch with their relatives and trending information across outside in the free world. Though in some cases, such technology has proved hazardous in the prison department as it has been key to the escape of criminals, Securus has put in secondary measures to curb such situations.