With the growth of online-based job opportunities, people are starting to rely on stay-at-home income more than ever. Focusing on a particular demographic made out of mothers who work from home, one can see dozens of creative ways that these women are able to make a living. This is because companies are coming up with ways to employ those who have the extra time, but not “9-5” type of free time. Traveling Vineyard probably has the most dominant business model within the work-from-home industry.

Business Model Broken Down

The company is a wine business where high-quality wine products are sold in the market by stay-at-home employees, mostly moms. It is a commission-based income, meaning that the revenue one obtains is solely dependant on their sales for the period. People can expect anywhere from 15-35% in commissions, which are contingent on the sales volume. The official name for these independent contractors is Wine Guides, and they average over $400 per wine tasting event. The company was founded in 2001, and they have more than 5,000 spread across 40 states as of 2017.

Who Can Benefit?

Generally, anyone who has the time and networking skills can benefit from this business model. It is based on interacting with people and organizing wine-tasting events. Mothers are the usual contractors, due to being less time constricted and more involved with the community.

How To Begin?

In order to begin the sole proprietorship endeavor, the prospective contractor will pay a $189 fee. This will get them a complete “Success Kit” with two tasting sets and a total of ten tasting wine bottles. Generally, that should cover two tasting events. Also, one will get their own website that will be free-of-charge for the next three months, at which point it is $15.95 per month. Furthermore, the same fee will give the buyer access to all training and educational materials online. Thus, one does not need to be wine expert to succeed.

Getting a Return On One’s Investment

After reviewing all the materials that the company has sent, new wine guides will organize at-home wine tasting events where they can invite whoever they want. Here, people will purchase the wine thus generating entrepreneur moms commission profits. There are no minimum monthly sales contingencies that one has to meet.

The Company

Traveling Vineyard is based in Massachusets and current leader of the company is Richard Libby. Since he started working with the business in 2010, major growth has occurred helping the company thrive in this niche market. To facilitate employee satisfaction, the company often organizes social events and conferences. Here, people can benefit from continued education and lectures on selling strategies.

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