Todd Lubar has been in the Real Estate industry for quite some years now from 1995. Todd holds the President position of TDL Global Ventures, LLC as well as the Senior Vice President Post of Legendary Investments. His more than 20 years’ experience has improved Todd’s skills, and currently, he advises other people who dream of owning a home. Todd is also a skilled entrepreneur and businessman. He has been recognized and ranked in the list of the top 25 mortgage architects in the country. Todd has been on the list for several years now. Lubar finds joy when he can help other people become successful in achieving their dreams. Todd’s education is another added advantage in the company. He holds a B.A in speech and communication which he got from Syracuse University.

In a recent interview, Todd explained that the idea for starting the TDL Global Ventures was to help people mainly. He realized that most people face obstacles when they are in need of financial aid especially when borrowing loans. To solve the problem, Todd brought an innovative program that allowed customers gain what they want. Todd also gave an insight to how he starts his day in the morning with a cup of coffee together with his kids. To make his day more productive, prioritizing is the best way to maximize the results. Todd also values knowledge because he can make appropriate decisions. Todd Lubar had an interesting thing to say when asked about his worst job and that was the fact that he worked for almost one year at a grocery store.

The acquired work ethics was incredible, but the whole business was not his thing. The experience he gained helps him push ideas to become successful. Todd believes in working extra hard to become progressive as an entrepreneur. Mr. Lubar has worked for other firms such as Crestar Mortgage Corporation where he held high positions. He also steered Maryland Legacy Financial office to rise and become a production unit. Todd served as a Senior Vice President with the Charter Funding, whose primary goal was to help the less fortunate in the society. Check out Todd’s full profile on