In the town of San Jose, California, there has been a trend where housing prices have increased drastically. Furthermore, the region has experienced reduced middle-class jobs leading to an increasing gap between the rich and the poor. This has affected even the education system in the region with the future of the poor at jeopardy. The need to improve public education especially for the poor in this region is important. This factors led to Rocketship Education which is a non-profit making organization dealing with public charter schools establishing the program to help low-income earners in San Jose and its environs.

Previously before Rocketship started its programs in San Jose, there was little impact of education on the life of this community. The few who graduated from high school and made into college had little impact. However, Rocketship has availed a favorable and conducive learning environment for children from low-income families by setting up 25 schools. These schools are high performing with students from low-income communities even outsmarting their rich counterparts.

Rocketship Education works by empowering their teachers, engaging the parents, and inspiring the poor communities.

Using computerized learning, large classrooms and recruiting enthusiastic graduate teachers, their model has led to students from low-income communities performing better. This has won those awards and recognition as more investments trickle in.

At Rocketship Education parents in Charter schools are involved in recruiting teachers. The logic towards this is that parents would be more involved if they were in touch with the personality and skills of the person teaching their kids. Rocketship thus trains some parents on how to take part in interviewing teachers by incorporating their children and community issues when vetting teachers. At some point, those who meet the credentials get to be oriented with the community in a communal meeting.

With the belief that every child can succeed and be productive in life despite economic backgrounds, Rocketship Education has helped inspire and motivate many children who previously had no dream. Each child can dream big, and work towards achieving their dreams at charter schools while engaging the teachers, leaders and community, courtesy of Rocketship Education. The high and stellar performance of the charter schools is enough evidence of the realized outcomes of Rocketship Education efforts.