The OSI Group is considered to be one of the largest meat processing companies in the world. The company was founded several years ago, and it has grown significantly. The company has a special team of leaders who work day and night to meet the demands of the customers. Sheldon Lavin is currently serving as the chief executive officer of the institution. The businessman has come from humble beginnings, and he is proving to everyone that he has all the skills and qualities needed to run an international company.

In a recent interview, Sheldon Lavin speaks about the history of the meat processing company. According to Sheldon, the company has been in the market for more than one hundred years. Otto Kolschowsky is the founder of the institution. The humble butcher had a shop that was located in Chicago. His first shop was established in the year 1909 and it has grown to one of the biggest international meat processing institution. At the moment, the company is believed to have more than sixty five locations and numerous partners all over the world.

The OSI Group has been successful because of several reasons. First of all, the institution focuses on green practices, food safety and sustainability, and this is why it has been doing so well. Sheldon Lavin has announced to his partners that he is looking forward to grow the institution and make it the leading in the modern market. The company has also acquired several food plants to meet the demands of the customers.

One of the greatest acquisitions from company is the Tyson production plant. The food plant is believed to have cost the company more than seven million dollars. The management of the company says that it decided to acquire the food plant because it is strategically in a good location. According to the OSI Group, the plant is just close to the main OSI Group offices. This means that it is easy to coordinate all the activities that take place in both locations. The Tyson food plant has enough storage space meaning that the company can expand without any problems.

The international company also acquired the Baho Foods. According to Sheldon Lavin, the new acquisition will help the institution to reach greater heights and transform the lives of other people in the society. The company has assured its partners that it will be introducing other changes in the future to make the customer happy and satisfied.

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