Glen Wakeman is a successful Business Owner. He has over 20 years of experience in an executive background. Wakeman is the CEO of Launchpad Holdings. Launchpad was founded in 2015. In addition, Wakeman also founded Nova Four. In the past, he has been recognized for being a strong role model from the board’s directors. Glen has always shown strong integrity and hard work throughout the years.

Glen is a very educated man. He has earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Economics and Finance from the University of Scranton. Glen then continued his education and earned his Master’s Degree in Finance from the University of Chicago.

In addition to being educated, Glen is also very diverse. Glen has traveled and lived all over the world. Moreover, Glen has lived in 6 countries throughout his life. During his investment, executive, and writing career, Wakeman has also managed 30 regions throughout the world.

Recently Glen Wakeman reviled that the idea of LaunchPad Holding surfaced because he simply loves money. Before starting his company, Wakeman had been watching several investment companies in the industry fail. Wakeman studied these failing businesses patterns and realized that they were all lacking structure. It was at this point Wakeman then decided to make an investment business that is easy and well structured. This is how Launchpad Holdings has been run successfully so far.


Wakeman has many good habits but he is very proud of his habit of being curious. Wakeman is extremely curious. Curiosity keeps him extremely busy and productive throughout the day. Curiosity allows him to solve different problems throughout the day. Curiosity also allows him to engage and maintain high customer satisfaction rates. Read more on

Curiosity is also what allows Wakeman to bring new ideas to life in addition to talking with others. For Glen, having to explain himself to other people forces him to outline his thoughts in an articulate way. Glen actually enjoys the challenge of explaining his thoughts to others because he admitted that explaining your thoughts to other people motivates you to make your thoughts become a reality. In all, Wakeman is doing an extraordinary job as an entrapper and business owner. Read more about Glen Wakeman at Daily Forex Report.