Securus Technology Services


Challenges in criminal and civil justice continue to affect our country. At Securus Technologies, we solve the problems by providing the best tech solutions for monitoring, investigation, and public safety. On average, we develop a single security service or product every week.


In Securus Technologies, we take great pride in being the best prison technology firm in the U.S. Founded in 1986, our headquarters are located in Dallas, Texas. We also have numerous regional offices in various states, including Texas, Georgia, Allen, Carrollton and Atlanta. We have over 1,000 employees that are distributed throughout the country.


We serve over 3,450 correction facilities, public safety and law enforcement agencies. We are committed to serving and connecting all law and enforcement agencies across the country. We provide services that include emergency response, communication, inmate self-service, incident management, public information and crime monitoring services.


A number of customers have shared their view regarding our services. The customer comments were in form of email communications and formal letters. The clients that provided feedback about our work included inmates and prison officials. We believe, developing a safe environment, is part of our mission.


Customer Comments


 A customer congratulated our services in facilitating a search warrant that led to the arrest of an employee, who had introduced contrabands at the company.

 Prison officials were happy about our call monitoring system that helped reduce crime in prison facilities. We were able to obtain crucial information regarding the use of alcohol, access to cellular devices, suspicious conversations, drug trades, money transfer and death threats in prisons.

 A correctional facility celebrated a 10-year anniversary of using our services to create a progressive and safe environment.

 Law enforcers appreciated our investigation software. The technology had developed an aggressive and investigative mindset which has controlled the rate of crime in the country.

 Another law enforcer appreciated our covert alert system that is used to arrests suspects.

 A law enforcement also thanked us for the LBS software that has helped law enforcers recover money, illegal assets and drugs.