Life after retirement is one of the hardest moments in someone’s life, if you retire without having saved something for your future, you will live a life full of regrets. Everyone’s fate is determined by the action and the measures that they take today. According to David Giertz, retirement planning cannot be achieved with only a few years; it needs a couple of years for you to prepare for your retirement life.

In his interview, he said that, during retirement period, the expense is more than what your income is and hence investing early is the track to follow when you still have fewer costs and have the energy to hustle. You should invest six times more before you retire. Investment can range from buying a plot and building some rental houses, which will be earning you some cash every month when you will no longer have the energy to work. Investments should be made early enough before fifty years of age.

David Giertz is the President of the company called Nationwide Investment Services Corporation. He is well known for advising people on the financial aspect of life. He has been doing this for more than 30 years. Apart from financial advising he also offers portfolio management for individuals, and he has held titles like being a broker, who is a sales person working for a large brokerage firm. These firms do the buying and selling of securities, bonds and mutual funds among others.

David as a financial advisor is much aware of how life after retirement does affect people who have failed to plan. He has set all the necessary strategies for his retirement like investing in his advising company, which he can use to take care of him after retirement so that he couldn’t fall into the trap of planning to fail.