Drew Madden is innovating how people use technology within the health care profession. In this futuristic society technology is in high demand as companies are relaying on it more and more for even basic operations. That reliability is even more so when it comes to the Healthcare Profession. Paper records are becoming too slow and fragile compared to easy-to-access computers that dominate our everyday lives.

Madden is no stranger when it comes to the IT side of the Medical profession. After earning a B.S.E in Industrial Engineering he went straight into the medical industry working at Cerner Corporation. It wasn’t long before his specialized skills landed him as president of Nordic Consulting Partners. With his leadership the company rose from simple startup status to the world’s number one consulting company. Now with over a decade of experience in the Healthcare Information Technology Drew Madden is one of the few leading this new frontier.

As with all new things the tech culture shock is racking the Health Industry and causing problems with this new wave of technology. Madden is working on fixing that problem with his company Evergreen Healthcare Partners, Inc. Madden and his partners are not only updating the IT side of Healthcare establishments but also working with the people inside to have a better understanding of these new systems. Doctors, Nurses, and staff already must retain immense knowledge of their field and learning something new can be frustrating, and that is what Madden and his company are aiming to fix.

Not only is Drew Madden specializing in the most recent technology of cloud computing for EMR (Electronic Health Records), but he’s using that knowledge to consult with specialists to provide a deep understanding of how to effectively use it. Tech is never easy but offers great advancement and tools that can’t be ignored forever. With Madden’s vision he’s creating better, more effective hospitals and pharmacies, and improving the lives of those who work there and go there for their needs.