More women than you might imagine are involved in an abusive relationship. Often, the marriage has suffered for years because of the emotional and physical abuse. Still, the wife is hesitant to leave the abusive relationship. The husband’s mental condition simply deteriorated over the years. This type of behavior is termed a antisocial personality disorder. The abuser has little regard for the feelings of others. They are cold and unfeeling individuals that do not display an guilt or remorse about their actions. Often, the abused spouse feels alone, and unable to talk about the abusive behavior with others.

Talk Space

Talk Space is a new counseling and personal therapy application that makes it possible for an individual to personally text a licensed therapist over their mobile device. Texting the therapist is a very discreet way to seek help for a mental health issue. Talk Space deals with a number of mental health issues that include the antisocial personality disorder and women in abusive relationships. An individual in the middle of a mental crisis signs up with the Talk Space application. They are paired with a professional therapist that is experienced handling their type of mental issue.

Getting Started

People that are familiar with the application like the immediate responses received from the licensed therapist via the application. In addition, the text based therapy application is very discreet. An individual could text their therapist during their lunch hour at work, and receive a reply in a few minutes, while eating their lunch. Absolutely no one would know that they were chatting via text with a therapist.

Talk Space Advantages

The average person that is familiar with Talk Space prefers this service over the traditional therapist. Often, it is very difficult for the average person to visit a therapist on a regular basis. Talk Space makes meeting up with a therapist easy.