People often use the term, “Man of the People,” but I think it is time to change that phrase to something else. With people like Dr. Jennifer Walden, it should be, “Woman of the People.” She has proven she can do anything that her male counterparts can do and she can do it even better. There is nothing that is going to stand in her way of being the best plastic surgeon in the entire world. She is very motivated and she carries a chip on her shoulder. Some would say she carries an entire bag of chips on her shoulder. However, that is all meant as praise and that is a good thing. It keeps her on edge and it keeps her moving forward, no matter what is happening at the present time.

She loves what she does and it clearly shows in the work. Also, if you talk to her patients and clients, they will also praise her work and the amount of dedication that goes into it. This is not an easy job and it is not for everyone. There is a lot of schooling involved, a lot of practice, and because she was a woman, people treated her differently, which is unfair. However, she is here to show that women can do anything that men can do and they can do it even better. She has the right mindset and the right attitude and more

It is why people trust her immediately when they step into her office. It is why she has an all-female staff. She wants women to have a chance to get ahead and she wants them to have all of the opportunities they deserve. After all, she is living proof that women are capable of anything despite what the negative people out there would like you to believe.

Dr. Jennifer Walden wants to inspire women and in turn, she wants these women to inspire others. This is the time where women need to stand together and stick together through it all. They will benefit from it and they will be better for it in the long run.