There is likely no one alive who knows real estate investing like Nick Vertucci of Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy. His name has made rounds within the real estate investing industry for years with no real sign of letting up. If there’s money to be made in real estate, Nick is your go to guy with tips and tricks on how to make a very nice profit and a name for yourself.

Real estate investing is a great industry for those who like to make calculated risks all the while building a substantial income. Nick certainly isn’t a newcomer when it comes to being an entrepreneur. He started his very own impressive tech company at just 18 years old. This is a determined and diligent guy that you’d be smart to want to learn real estate from. He opened the doors at Nick Vertucci Real Estate in 2014 shortly after earning his license and it’s been nothing but success ever since.

The goal behind creating the academy was to put together the very best real estate training program in the business. The program teaches prospective students the ins and outs of real estate from knowing which homes are the best to purchase and flip, to the best way to put together an impressive real estate portfolio.

Each student is given access to personable and knowledgeable mentors for one on one sessions on how to be the best they can be at real estate investing. The academy offers easy to understand and realistic methods on how to strike it big in the industry. Nick makes sure to apply the same knowledge and skills that have worked for him in his extensive career in real estate.

The Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy’s website is the go to place for more information on enrollment, special events and more. They also host a VIP Bus Tour to show future investors what it’s like to work within the industry’s Prospective students are encouraged to add the school on social media to stay abreast of any announcements and open houses.