Desiree Perez was listed among the most powerful women in music, a list published by in 2017. Perez is the chief operating officer (COO) of Roc Nation. Perez is well known as being a private person and a hard negotiator. Her reputation proceeded her when Sprint invested $200 million in TIDAL. This deal benefitted the company just five months later, when JAY-Z released another top album, earning him another platinum album. In the spring of 2017, Live Nation, who is a partner of Roc Nation, signed a long-term contract worth $200 million. This contract is for a touring contract with JAY-Z.

Desiree Perez has worked with several important names in the music industry, including Beyoncé and Rihanna. She has been called JAY-Z’s “secret weapon” and has worked with him for over 20 years. Perez had a strong hand in making deals between the artists and sponsors. Perez is involved in several sections at Roc Nation, including management, labeling, and publishing. Desiree Perez is a strong influence in her industry and is highly successful at what she does. Perez joined Roc Nation in 2009, as she had been helping JAY-Z expand his enterprise. Perez has also produced a few of JAY-Z’s tours, including “On the Run Tour: Beyoncé and JAY-Z.” Perez had a large hand in getting Samsung to sponsor Rihanna’s “Anti” tour, spending $25 million on it. Perez also has a seat in the Hova Circle of Influence. The Hova Circle of Influence has a range of investors and big influences in the music industry. Desiree, despite her enormous success and achievements within the music and entertainment industry, she prefers to hold a private life. Perez tends to stay out of the spotlight and continue to be successful behind the scenes, promoting big-named artists. Her husband is also successful in the entertainment industry, as he help run Roc Nation Sports.