EOS has done it again. They have launched a fantastic cooling menthol balm with the wonderful taste of Chamomile and it is priced at just $3! Chapped lips don’t stand a chance with this power packed lip balm this winter and it’s just around the corner at your local drugstore.

The winter can be especially brutal and that means it can be brutal to your lips. The new medicated pain-relieving lip balm is packed with wonderful ingredients. Chamomile has antioxidants, anti-inflammatories, and hydrating properties. Menthol temporarily numbs the lips giving a cooling sensation which takes away the pain that comes with chapped lips. This little compact lip balm also has Aloe, cocoa and shea butter, olive and jojoba oils, and vitamin E (imabeautygeek.com).

For about a century, Chapstick was the only lip balm available and they were very limited on variety. The choices were original, mint or cherry. EOS which stands for Evolution of Smooth saw an opportunity to really do something different.

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Lip balm in the past had pretty much been a unisex product. EOS noticed that it was being used by women as part of their beauty routine. They also found that women had the problem of frequently losing the little tube in their purse. So what did they do? They gave lip balm a variety of flavors, a unique and colorful package, and use organic ingredients. They had unique flavors such as honeydew and grapefruit and the packaging was a round colorful orb that fit smoothly in your hand.

EOS wanted to really get in touch with their consumers. They wanted their product to be an experience not just a product to use.  Read reviews on makeupalley.com. They concentrated on the senses. It needed to feel good in your hand, smell good, look nice and stylish, and taste good. This product was what every woman would want and love.