After about a decade in business EOS (Evolution of Smooth) is proud to offer vegan lip balms to its customers. EOS is known for lip balms that are filled with natural and nourishing ingredients, but most flavors contain beeswax, which means that the products are not vegan. EOS now has two vegan lip balms that are free of beeswax and feature pleasant scents including hibiscus, coconut and peach.

EOS has risen to popularity pretty quickly. The company has been in business for around a decade now, but is selling more products than legendary lip balm brands like Blistex and Chapstick. In fact, EOS is the second best-selling lip balm in the United States, and financial analysts say that the company is set to be one of the leaders in the lip care revolution, which will likely be at its peak by the year 2020.

Other EOS lip balm flavors include vanilla and vanilla mint, which are both popular during the holidays and make great stocking stuffers ( Spring and summer lip balm flavors include melon, strawberry and balms with a hint of shimmer that are infused with coconut milk. Evolution of Smooth also has a line of shaving creams and hand lotions that are sold wherever you can find EOS lip balms. More on