During the course of his professional career Sean Penn has been many things. He has acted, produced, written, and directed a number of movies and now he has released a new book- an unusual name, “Bob honey who just do stuff”- starting a career as a novelist. His acting has resulted in him winning a few Academy Awards for best actor, in fact. He has also appeared in the op-ed of a number of newspapers. He has also been a war correspondent and he has interviewed some famous politicians such as two presidents, Cuba’s Raúl Castro and Venezuela’s Hugo Chávez. He also interviewed Joaquín Guzmán, aka El Chapo, who was a Mexican drug lord prior to his imprisonment. He has also helped out after natural disasters, such as in 2010 when he helped out after Haiti was hit by a massive earthquake.

Sean Penn is now a published author with a new book out, “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff”, sent out by Atria Publishing Group. This book has been described by one critic as very funny look at a bleak future where a septic-tank salesman also works part-time as a United States Government contract killer. The New York Times compared it to some great satire of years past which has multiple layers to it.

He is currently on a book tour, including his home city of Los Angeles, California as well as Austin, Texas, and other major cities across America. He set writing a novel is different than writing a movie script. A movie script is collaborative while writing a novel more of a solo pursuit, like his development of Bob Honey who just do stuff.  He says that because they are collaborative when you write a movie script you will likely find stuff you are proud of but other parts you are disappointed in because you feel it should have gone differently. He appreciates now have something out there that is 100% his.

Sean Penn said that he’s past working with others and plans on pursuing being a novelist in the future instead of doing movies. He has said that Hollywood can get weary dealing with the people in it and then the burden added on due to all of the money that is involved in that industry.

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