The cold weather can really cause a lot of damage to your skin and your lips. Even wearing some form of lip gloss or lip balm each time you go out might not fully protect your lips and by the end of the winter you might be left with some very itchy, red, peeling lips. If you are looking to get your lips kissable and healthy again before the heat of the summer sun leaves its effects, take a look at the new product release from EOS. EOS just came out with a Medicated Pain Relieving lip balm that is chock full of natural and healing ingredients that will leave your lips so much healthier in just a few uses. You get the same fun circular tube container but with a much more medicated product. The most effective ingredient included is chamomile but you’ll also find vitamin E and menthol in it as well.

For approximately three dollars you can find a cooling and soothing product that will get rid of those unhealthy and damaged lips (Amazon). Antioxidants work really well to protect your lips in the heat of the summer sun but also in the winter sun as well. The cold wind and temperatures can wreak their own havoc that you have to pay attention to and in a short amount of time can leave you struggling to heal your lips for weeks. Not to mention anti-inflammatory properties associated with chamomile can be really great for reversing signs of aging. Aloe is also an active ingredient which is plant based and safe for vegans and people with very sensitive skin. EOS products are also gluten free.

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If you are looking for a product that you can rely on to heal your chapped lips, look no further than the new EOS chamomile lip balm, check Allure.It is perfect as part of your daily beauty routine but also great to keep around for its healing properties as well.