With the ever-increasing expansion of OSI Food Solutions. Its Spanish division has smashed records and brought its production numbers up to 45,000 tons with the production of its beef, pork and chicken products. The company has doubled chicken production to 24,000 tons in order to maintain the increasing demand by its customers and distribution centers around the globe. The plant in Toledo, Spain has been renovated in order to support the changes and help ease the burden of an increased production venture of this size. The new factory development in Spain includes a 22,600-square-foot building with all the amenities needed for slaughter to shipping and was built as an energy efficient building that has cut power consumption by 20%

If you are not familiar with OSI Solutions, they are one of the top 100 American food companies and were the first suppliers of beef to McDonald’s. The company started as a meat market and was founded by immigrant Otto Kolschowsky and was named Otto and Sons. OSI solutions have experienced many milestones in the nearly 100-year-old history including in 1973 When the company opened its first USA plant opens as Otto & Sons’ that was the first plant to be a dedicated facility for McDonald’s restaurants across the country. Other exciting milestones for the company have included its worldwide expansion starting in Germany and it’s 2016 award, the Globe of Honour which was presented by the British Safety Council. The company is known for expansion and has brokered some of the biggest mergers and acquisitions in the world. One such acquisition brought them into the United Kingdom with the acquisition of Flagship Europe. While the acquisition did not give the company a monopoly, they sure do have a big piece of the pie that they are serving along with other frozen goods to the entire United Kingdom.

As OSI Solutions moves forward in past its centenarian anniversary, I am sure that we will see its chicken production triple if not quadruple in the company’s pursuit of feeding the world through the love and loyalty that such companies offer their family, staff, and customers on a daily basis.

For details: branchenbuch.meinestadt.de/guenzburg/company/2803011