To succeed in business, learning from our failures and not letting them determine our future is essential. Unfortunately, most business people always fail to learn from their failures and often let these accidental slips define them. That is why if you are an entrepreneur you should prioritize on reading Nick Vertucci’s new book, seven-figure decisions, Having the balls to succeed.

The book was released recently but is doing pretty well and is already a best seller on Amazon. As we speak, it has already sold over a thousand copies. In the book, Nick gives account of his long string of failures and mistakes in business. Even though they kind of pinned him down and he even went through depression, Nick Vertucci did not let them win and he fought back by getting up and coming up with new strategies which worked. It has 350 pages which highlight his journey to financial freedom and building a business empire. Unlike your ordinary grass to grace stories, Vertucci’s life takes a different approach of grass to grace, back to grass and then back to grace. That is why every budding entrepreneur or businessman out there should read it as it contains lots of life-changing twists and turns.

Who is Nick Vertucci?

Nick is a force to reckon in the real estate and also in the entire scope of business as well. He is the brains behind NV real estate companies in California, Irvine to be precise. Even though to many people out there Nick is the epitome of success and they look up to him, his journey to the apex has been quite a rough one.

Nick Vertucci is where he is currently not because of rich parents or luck but out of sheer hard work, determination, and resilience. He hails from a humble background where his parents had to go the extra mile to provide Nick and his siblings with the basic necessities. He, however, did not let this define him and even when the situation got worse due to the death of his father when he was at a tender age of ten, Mr. Vertucci remained strong.

At only the age of eighteen, Nick started his first business. While his peers were waiting on their parent’s handouts, he was busy making a future for himself in the computer business. However business is not always a bed of roses and unfortunately, his first businesses collapsed after the 2000 dot crash. What followed was a series of debts over debts to the point that he almost his own home.

Nick did not let this loss determine his life and soon he was already venturing into the unknown world of real estate after he learned the basic ropes of this sector at an academy he had previously enrolled into. Here is where he got his big break and after setting the pace for many investors he finally launched his company. It is through this company that Nick helps myriads of budding investors build a successful career for themselves.

Nick Vertucci’s life is indeed sufficient proof that life can only give you lemons but what you do with them is the thin line between you leading a better life or a miserable one.