In the United States, elections are a big affair, especially when it is the Presidential or Senate elections. Tons of money is used in the elections these days, which are mostly funneled by the corporate companies and wealthy individuals. If the corporate companies stop funding the elections, it would be difficult for the political candidates to organize such lavish political campaigns with countrywide reach.

The ads that are broadcasted on air and radio as well as showcased on newspapers and social media needs a lot of money to create and publish, and it is this money that the corporate companies provide to help ensure that their choice of political candidate wins the elections. Once the elections are over, the senator returns the favor by giving the wealthy individuals as well as corporate companies with the political leverage that they need to pass the bills or other favors. In most cases, these favors are not in the best interest of the nation or the majority of the population, but it works wonder for the companies and wealthy individuals.

For many years, the election funding had been regulated, but in 2010, the Supreme Court had to rule in favor of the Citizens United, which wanted the election funding to be deregulated. It meant that the wealthy individuals, as well as corporate companies, could spend as much cash as they want in the elections. End Citizens United was created by Tiffany Mueller to overturn the election campaign finance rules constitutionally. The strategy is simple to endorse the political candidates who support the same mission as them and help them get elected to the Senate. Once the majority is achieved in the Senate, a bill can be passed that would help overturn the Supreme Court decision of 2010 in the Citizens United vs. FEC case.

End Citizens United has organized a nationwide campaign to help create awareness about the election campaign finance rules. The political scenario in the United States needs to change, and it is the organization like End Citizens United that is helping bring such change. End Citizens United is trying to gather money from the common people to help create a sum that would be used to endorse the political candidates that have rejected the corporate money. It is the only way End Citizens United believes that the clean politics can make way in the country. The government that is formed in this way would be more accountable to the public than to the huge corporations that fund the elections.

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