Lori Senecal, an expert in digital advertising, believes 2017 is the year of creating videos and images that are outstanding and unique. She states that customers are more attracted to innovation but they shun away from unremarkable ads and without bold, fresh and personalized approach the marketing ads have zero chances of going viral or being seen.


According, to Lori Senecal aiming for the customer’s heart, helps to stir up emotional response and this breaks their consumer apathy promoting immediate viewing and sharing of your Ads. Most of the successful ads take the approach of emotion provide an inspiring and authentic experience and to touch viewers. Using of real people is a trending method that increases the emotional impact of your targeted consumers since they feel a secure connection with icons or celebrities used in the ads making them more likely to share and keep watching.


Lori Senecal says that using strong colors that have intense, eye-catching colors and visually standouts make the viewers look. Unexpected and bold colors combinations are the most popular 2017 trends. Also creating of delightful and surprising pleasant viewer experience with exciting and fresh look makes the consumer associate closely with your brand. For more detail visit Bloomberg


Lori Senecal attributes her successful career life to exciting early experience and motivation from her older siblings. She is Crispin Porter and Bogusky chief executive officer. Lori holds sales and marketing degree and has a magical hand of turning her project into success and when she joins a company she makes it better and more successful than its original state. Lori is bringing out the inner and outer beauty of every company and the people she works with making her famous and respected.


Lori Currently oversees the expansion and growth of CP+B’s where she manages and coordinates the nine offices globally focusing on the firm global development. She started working with the agency in 2015. During her tenure at the company, she made significant triumph on the culture and business of CP+B

making it modern agency that is agile, inventive and collaborative. Lori Senecal is a woman to watch in agency executives.



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