Richard Dwayne Blair is a registered advisor, and he is best known for his passion in educating and advising regular investors. He has a broad financial knowledge as an investor and has acquired vast experience during his teaching. The graduate from the University of Houston with a degree in finance and financial management gets his satisfaction when he helps people gain confidence and practical skills for investments.

Richard Dwayne Blair believes that everyone requires a strategic plan to assist them in reaching their financial dreams. He believes in three pillars to help create a financial roadmap from ones current financial status to retirement needs.

The first pillar is tailored to understand to clients financial strengths, then Richard identifies the goals, advantages, risks that one is exposed to and growth opportunities. This planning pillar enables him to come up with a substantial long term relationship with the clients. The plan also helps him get a bigger picture of the client’s needs and determinations which lays an opportunity for him to institute clear expectations.

The second pillar that Richard works with is meant to establish an effective strategic plan that suits the client’s unique and particular needs. This goal plan enables him to handle and allocate assets in pursuit of maximum performance especially the times of upward market movements and when minimizing the risks involved and negative impacts on a client’s portfolio.

The third pillar comes in after Richard has established a financial plan and enact strategies that will result in sufficient growth and liquidity. He then applies the final component which involves the implementation and monitoring of the strategic plan of the client. This includes tracking the financial goals as well as comparing the targets to the client’s financial expectations. Richard also keeps a record of the client’s model goal and data history.

Richard Dwayne Blair has continued to rely on these three pillars to help him design a custom-tailored financial plan. He has continued to thrive in assisting his clients to reach their financial goals and plan for their future. He has various certifications, including Certified Fund Specialist and Certified Tax Specialist among others.

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