For those who want to swim in the pools that dot Samoa the best time of year to visit is from November until April. This is the wet season which means the pools will be full and deep enough for people to dive into them. One of the most popular places to dive in is Togitogiga Waterfall. There is also Papase’ea Sliding Rocks which has natural slides down into a clean and refreshing pool. One of the slides is about 15 feet long but most are closer to 10 feet in length.

In order to experience these pools one needs to first get to Samoa. Most people arrive on flights that land at Fagali’i Airport. This airport is central to just about everything on Upolu Island so getting your bags to your hotel and then heading off on an outdoor adventure is simple and quick. Fagali’i Airport is also quick to get through, unlike the vast majority of airports, as only 19 people maximum can catch one of the flights that leave each day.

Another great outdoor place to visit is Palolo Deep Marine Reserve. People have to swim out a distance to experience this but for those who do they will be creating lifelong memories. There are beautiful, multi-colored corals to see her as well as tropical fish. There are also a lot of reef sharks which are actually perfectly safe to be around. There is a reserve where snorkeling gear can be rented for the day which provides the best experience.

For those who wan to swim with green turtles they can visit Satoalepai Turtle Sanctuary. These turtles are endangered so they are kept here until their large enough to be released into the wild. Although they are called green turtles they actually have black shells; the green refers to their fat and cartilage color.