Nick is a real estate specialist who got financial freedom from a lucrative real estate business. With this knowledge, he decided to liberate others through the Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy financially.


The Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy was started by Nick to bridge the education gap in learning the real estate business. As a result of this, the Fortunes in the Flipping system created by the founder of the school is now available to everyone who seeks to reach their financial goals through the methods and plans that helped him in attaining success.


The academy aims to address the challenges that crop up when planning to start a career in real estate. They have a competent and reliable corporate team that ensures the success of the institution. In addition to this, the institution has an active trainer team that ensures trainees are tutored to international standards in order to meet the basics of earning a living in the housing business.


The administration and customer care support team ensure that the management and customer support of the institution are efficient. When you attend the academy, you get personal, practical training in real estate from industry leaders. That includes searching for the deal, how to repair the housing project to how you will sell the finished project.


Some of the areas that NVREA covers include asset protection, the art of purchasing and withholding for selling later to maximize your profits, how to handle contracts, fund investments, commercial investments, how to rehabilitate and flip properties, among many others.


His childhood was spent with a loving and hardworking family. By the time he was turning 18, he was already living his own life from his van. However, his luck eventually changed when he landed computer parts selling the business. It is at this time that he started his family and got three daughters.


Nick Vertucci life went on well until he reached a financial snag again. This time it lasted for almost 18 months, and he lost almost everything he had. Then one of his friends invited him to a seminar in training for real estate that lasted for three days.


Although he was reluctant to attend it at first, he went and got to soak in a lot of information which enabled him to get out his financial rut. That system worked even though Nick Vertucci fell a couple of times but made it.