ClassDojo is an educational app that allows parents, students and teachers to connect on a personal level. This app is responsible for assisting with participation in the classroom, especially with shy students. ClassDojo is used for sharing ideas and encouraging participation.

This app is used around the globe as a tool for interaction among students and teachers. Through ClassDojo individuals are able to share messages, photos and videos with other members of the classroom. All of this information is then shared with parents at home.

Many parents have commented that it allows them to feel more connected and to be part of a team. Each area of ClassDojo serves a purpose and the overall purpose of the app is to teach empathy and growth mindset. This allows students to feel more connected to their classroom because they are able to upload and stream stories to share among their peers.

Through messages parents communicate with teachers and view what is going on within the classrooms. The app also provides a section that guides the parents and teachers with different aspects of interacting with students.

Most times parents feel they are out of the loop when it comes to their child’s education. ClassDojo helps inform parents of a child’s progress and ways to enhance their progress. Living in a world that is based on technology, this app takes advantage of incorporating all means of technology into the educational success of a student.

Most students are already influenced by others through many other apps, this one takes that to the next level. Students are encouraged to view videos, contribute stories and actively participate. ClassDojo is an app that was designed to enhance the atmosphere of learning. It’s the social media app for education, students can create a map of what they have learned and others can view and contribute.

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