James Dondero and Mike Okada established Highland Capital Management 20 years ago. The company has done very well under their leadership, and it currently has over 15 billion in assets. The institution is SEC registered, and it is considered to be one of the largest investment advisors in the United States. The company also has the most dedicated and experienced alternative credit managers in the country too.


Highland Capital Management specializes in capital strategies, and it has transformed the lives of many people in the world. The successful institution is also believed to have pioneered several innovative products in the competitive market. The private company has made its name in the market for developing collateralized loan obligation, separate accounts, long only funds, distressed private equity and special situation equity.


The private company provides consumers with alternative investments such as natural resources, short and long equities. Its clients in different parts of the world say that the products and services from the company are delivered by the most experienced professionals in the industry. Most of its clients are financial institutions, governments, corporations, foundations, funds of funds and high net worth individuals from all over the globe. Highland Capital Management is currently based in Dallas, Texas. The company has managed to expand significantly in the past, and it has branches in Singapore, New York City, Sao Paolo, and Seoul.


Highland Capital uses a unique approach in the market, and this has played a key role in its success. This method guarantees the retail and institutional investors returns that are consistent and above average. The successful company believes in preserving capital and using some of the tried and proven techniques in targeting the return balance. This simple method has taken the hedge fund to greater heights.


James Dondero serves as the chief executive officer of the company. Dondero has a lot of expertise and knowledge in retail and credit markets. Under his leadership, the hedge fund has done well. The visionary leader ensures that individuals employed by the company are knowledgeable so that the consumers get the best results. Thanks to these qualities, many corporations, governments and high net worth individuals have benefited from the enterprise.