Brian Wilson, former Beach Boy, spends his days keeping in shape visiting the park, and deli two or three times a day, reports Rolling Stone Magazine. He munches on a bowl of blueberries and a burger then walks through the park. Brian says, “I’m anxious, depressed, I get scared a lot,” and he goes on to say the park keeps him straight. However Brian is a lay back guy, and is grateful for the slow down and better days in his life.

According to this article by Igor Cornelsen, He says he wanders up to his music room and can’t write a song, and all he does is rewrite California Girls. Tired he may be, but his newest release “No Pier Pressure” is doing well, and he is touring the United States and Europe this summer. Brian says that one reason he made it through the hard years is his wife Melinda. He and his wife Melinda, have five kids, and have been married for 20 years.