When I heard EOS was coming out with a vegan lip balm I got very excited! It’s not everyday that your favorite lip companies decides to go vegan with one of their products. It’s really hard to find vegan products when it comes to things like lip balm or gloss. When I bought the lip balm I noticed that they took out the beeswax ingredients. Now the lip balm is 100% vegan friendly which I love! It also has some really good smelly flavors to it that I can’t stop taking a whiff of!! I would definitely buy this again and also recommend it to all my vegan friends! More details on mapleholistics.com.

EOS has always been known for coming up with some amazing diverse types of lip balm. They half a lip balm for several specific needs from visibly soft lips to their medicated lip balm to their shimmer lip balm! There are so many flavors and lovely smells to choose from!

The Lip Balm that Makes the Difference

I love the formula that EOS uses.  It’s not sticky or so creamy that it melts when it’s hot like other lip balms or ChapSticks. I also love the fact that they have kept the lip balm in the round egg shells! It’s so creative and so much easier and cleaner putting it on like that without having to use your finger or worrying that it’ll fall out of the tube!  check influenster.com.

EOS definitely gets a ten out of ten for their amazing lip balms!

Have a closer look at the line on https://imabeautygeek.com/2017/08/14/eos-crystal-lip-balm-review-and-chemist-interview/