Since the debut of EOS, or Evolution of smooth, fans have simply rejoiced in the fact that they now can buy an all natural lip care product that really works. Hypoallergenic, animal cruelty free and coming in several enticing flavors, what’s not to love? In a short amount of time, EOS has put their stamp in the beauty industry, becoming the second most desirable lip balm product in such a short amount of time.

EOS has decided to wow their fans even further and release a new vegan formula. This one hundred percent organic formula is animal by-product free and completely vegan ( This is great news for the lip balm industry, as there is nothing else like it on the market. Fans are going crazy over this new product, loving the new crystal-clear formula and it’s low price point of only $5.49 per circular pod.

Both formulas of EOS can be found at your local retailers such as Target and Walgreens. You will love using a natural product that really works as opposed to chapstick, which uses a lot of chemicals in their many formulas (  Chapstick was once topping the charts but this day and age, people are craving organic everything. Way to go, Evolution or Smooth!