Peach Hibiscus and Vanilla Orchid, the two flavors EOS produces representing the EOS Crystal Line. This line is free of all animal products and is totally vegan. EOS eliminated the beeswax or Carnauba wax, unlike the organic line. The Crystal line has no wax at among the ingredients. There are people allergic to both types of wax. Now, they can apply the Crystal line without fear. It’s wax free.

You have two choices, Vanilla Orchid, which tastes a lot like Vanilla only with a slight twist or Peach Hibiscus. This flavor definitely tastes like peaches on steroids. It’s still mellow, but very different from plain peach. The taste is pleasant for both flavors. It’s just something different when you first taste them. You notice a flavor you can’t quite identify. It must be the flowers, the hibiscus or the orchid. I noticed that in both flavor when I first tried them, but now I just apply the balm and enjoy the unique but tasty flavor.

A Lip Balm Line Minus the Beeswax

You still get the soft lips and moist skin when you apply EOS Crystal lip balm. Even without the waxes, the Crystal balm glides on smoothly and conditions your lips. You can still confidently do the things anyone would do with soft and moist lips. And when you do, if you happen to run your tongue across your lips after applying Vanilla Orchid, you’ll get the pleasant taste of an exotic vanilla. Plus the subtle aroma, you’ll occasionally be aware of; it’s fantastic. It’s an aroma that I can’t quite pinpoint. I guess because I’m not accustomed to flowers and spices or fruit mixed together. Both flavors smell and taste great. You’ll love either one, especially if you have an allergy to beeswax or Carnauba wax. Celebrate, because EOS Crystal lip balm doesn’t have any of those pesky additives.   Check

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