There are many shampoos as well as conditioners out and about that have hair damaging chemicals in them when used over time. These chemicals can cause the hair to become dry or brittle, and in more serious cases, cause more hair fall. This can be daunting, especially for a women, and cause a loss in confidence. Luckily there are people like Chaz Dean, a noted celebrity hairstylist, that are creating better quality products for people, such as the Wen hair care line. Wen is a natural product, using all safe ingredients to clean the hair.

Bustle Magazine writer Emily McClure wrote up a review for the Wen cleansing conditioner product after deciding to put the hype to the test. Emily has had difficulty with her hair in the past, due to how fine and thin it is. As a skeptic, she was willing to give the product a week before posting up her results. She had concerns going in because of how thick the product was, which hasn’t done well for her hair in the past, but it was no problem at all. Wen hair care ( comes with instructions on how much of the product to use for different hair lengths as well.

In the end, Emily was really happy with the results she received. She even noted that she began seeing them well before the end of the week. By day 7, her hair was looking fuller and shinier, not to mention she even noticed a difference in how much hair fall she had in the bathroom. With a handful of compliments from friends, Emily has good incentive to include WEN hair into her future hair care routine. The 5 in 1 formula that Chaz Dean and his team created was designed to give excellent results without needing to go to a salon to get them. What’s better is Wen cleansing conditioners can be used in place of detanglers and leave-in conditioners, on top of traditional shampoos. Visit the website for more info. Follow Wen hair on Twitter.