Beauty blogger Wengie debunks myths that her viewers probably believe. The first myth she addresses is that shaving hair off makes it grow back thicker. Instead, it grows back uneven and with a choppy edge. The next myth is that you should never wake up a sleepwalker. In fact, waking them just makes them disoriented, so the actual danger is for the person waking them up!


The third myth is that we only use 10 percent of our brains when we actually use the whole thing. Next is that Coke can dissolve a tooth overnight, but it actually cannot. The next myth is that sitting too close to the TV can ruin your eyes; while it does cause temporary strain, it does not cause any long-term problems. Next is that cat always land on their feet, but this is not always the case.


The seventh myth is that the color red angers bulls; they are color blind to red and charge at anything moving. Next is that goldfish have a 3-second memory, but it is actually closer to 5 months. The next myth is that cracking your joints can give you arthritis but this is simply untrue. The tenth myth is that sugar makes you hyperactive; in fact, it is a placebo effect from other excited people. Next is that Einstein was a bad student, but he always had top grades.


Next is that a penny dropped from a skyscraper can kill, but it is too small and the wind will slow it down so it isn’t dangerous. The next myth is that Thomas Edison invented the light bulb but he just was the first to patent it to be sold commercially. The 14th myth is that dark roast coffee contains more caffeine when in fact it’s the same and the flavor is from longer roasting times. Next is that restaurant food is healthier than fast food but it is not necessarily true.


Next is that swimming after eating is dangerous. The next myth is that more homework means better grades. Next is that you need more sleep when you get older. The final two myths according to Wengie are that swallowed gum stays in your stomach for 7 years and that you can catch a cold from being cold.


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